White Club

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White Club

Opulent, luxurious, amusing. This trendshow luxuriates in elegant excess. Our inspiration is Las Vegas in its heyday. A huge variety of colours and forms awaken the American dream of the Sixties to new contemporary life. We play with warm shades of gold and champagne and mix metallic colours. A powerful Mediterranean sky blue experiences its revival in capricious upholstered furniture. Those who dare immerse their home in this opulent over-the-top look and revel in it! Siegfried and Roy, Sue Ellen and JR Ewing invite you for cocktails!

White Club Desk 150x70 cm (KD)

White Club Desk 125x60

Notebook Table Studiosus

Bar Table Dimensionale Ø 60cm

Bar Table Palazzo Alu Dia 55cm

Table Invitation Round Ø 90cm

White Club Desk Snake

White Club Desk 125x60 (KD)

Table Controversia

Extension Table Controversia 240-285cm

Table Grande Possibilita 180x100 White

Desk Solution

Desk Insider

White Club Desk 180x85 (KD)

White Club Desk 150x70 cm

Table Invitation Round Ø 120cm