White Club

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White Club

Opulent, luxurious, amusing. This trendshow luxuriates in elegant excess. Our inspiration is Las Vegas in its heyday. A huge variety of colours and forms awaken the American dream of the Sixties to new contemporary life. We play with warm shades of gold and champagne and mix metallic colours. A powerful Mediterranean sky blue experiences its revival in capricious upholstered furniture. Those who dare immerse their home in this opulent over-the-top look and revel in it! Siegfried and Roy, Sue Ellen and JR Ewing invite you for cocktails!

White Club Desk 125x60

Notebook Table Studiosus

Table Invitation Round Ø 90cm

White Club Desk Snake

White Club Desk 125x60 (KD)

Table Controversia

Extension Table Controversia 240-285cm

Table Grande Possibilita 180x100 White

Desk Solution

Desk Insider

Table Clacks 160x85 cm

White Club Desk 180x85 (KD)

White Club Desk 150x70 cm

Table Invitation Round Ø 120cm

White Club Desk 150x70 cm (KD)

Bar Table Dimensionale Ø 60cm

Bar Table Palazzo Alu Dia 55cm