Jakarta, Indonesia

White Diva

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White Diva

Heavenly seduction. This furnishing world has clear star appeal – the person who lives here has a distinctive style. White Diva glows subtly, sparkles temptingly and may even be a little temperamental on occasions. Basic furniture is decorated with rhinestones and glowingly put in the spotlight by memorable lamps. Refined accessories such as multi-facetted mirrors, sexy crocodile prints on covers and lacquered surfaces are ideal for personalities who can justifiably be described as 'extraordinary'. Every diva is guaranteed to be enchanted here!

Champane Glass Innocent

Jewelry Box Chi Chi (3Drw)

Bench Shining White 162

Money Box Funky Bear Crystal Sit

Pendant Lamp Sparkling Dining

White Wine Glass Innocent

Deco Figurine Skorpion Silver

Bar Stool Rockstar Gold

Dresser Romantic Glossy White Small

Vase Eule 34

Deco Head Silver Horn Rhino

Arm Chair Romantico Fur

Deco Object Athlet Glitter

Mirror Barock Corner Silver 160x80

Bar Lady Rock Disco

Table Lamp Glamour Drop Chrome

Deco Figurine Lizard Silver Medium

Arm Chair Queen White

Deco Vase Million Mirrors Swing

Big Figurine Winged Victory Stone

Oil Painting Fetisch Lady 120x75cm

Pendant Lamp Falling Diamonds Spirale

Deco Figurine Origami Giraffe

Money Box Crown Pig

Picture 3D Marilyn 60x60cm

Mirror Tendence Opulence White 95x215

Stool Shining White

Arm Chair Mink White Angel

Rockstar Bar Gold

Deco Head Silver Horn Cow

Bar Lady Rock White

Mirror Oxford White 145x70cm

Deco Figur Bulldogge Silver Eco 42cm

Arm Chair Shining Cube White

Bar Lady Rock Silver

Table Bijou Steel 192x102

Mirror Ornament Shiny White 180x80

Cabinet Shining White

Floor Lamp Standing Horse White

Cosmetik Set Diamonds (4-piece)