Jakarta, Indonesia

White Diva

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White Diva

Heavenly seduction. This furnishing world has clear star appeal – the person who lives here has a distinctive style. White Diva glows subtly, sparkles temptingly and may even be a little temperamental on occasions. Basic furniture is decorated with rhinestones and glowingly put in the spotlight by memorable lamps. Refined accessories such as multi-facetted mirrors, sexy crocodile prints on covers and lacquered surfaces are ideal for personalities who can justifiably be described as 'extraordinary'. Every diva is guaranteed to be enchanted here!

Deco Head Silver Horn Rhino

Side Table Bear Silver Ø40cm

Candelabra Castle Deluxe

Side Table Eule White Ø25cm

Side Table Real Dream 60x45cm 2Drw

Mirror Deer White 53x35

Mirror Big Beauty 100x82cm

Table Romantico Gold 180x95cm

Jewellery Box Crown 3 Drw

Door Curtain Cubic Silver

Bar Lady Rock White

Deco Figurine Trio Animals Assorted

Pendant Lamp Falling Diamonds Spirale

Deco Figurine Black Cat 185

Table Lamp Headless Angel Chrome

Coffee Cup Curios Animals (2/Set) Assorted

Money Box Eule Assorted

Rockstar Bar White

Pendant Lamp Gioiello Crystal Feudal Black

Deco Head Deer White

Deco Figurine Lizard Silver Medium

Pendant Lamp Crystal Ball Ø61cm

Dresser Romantic 2SK Gold Leaf

Frame Bubbles 10x15

Ashtray Glitter Assorted

Arm Chair Romantico Fur

Arm Chair Queen White

Vase Disco 122cm

Stool Twisted

Deco Figurine Dog 26cm Necklace

Tealight Holder Klunker Tre

Carpet Big Circle Shine 170x240cm

Mirror Big Beauty Candle Light 90x35

Moneybox Funky Bear Crystal Titanium

Pendant Lamp Gioiello Crystal Clear 5-Branched

Deco Vase Million Mirrors Swing

Tealight Holder Klunker Uno

Table Janus 220 x 90cm

Frame Nonpareils Silver 10x15cm

Chair Milano White