Accra, Ghana


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Sideboard Suspension All White

Coat Rack Libra aluminium colour

Key Cabinet Petrol Station Time

Shelf College 190cm

Table Lamp Rope

Picture Citys Vintage 42x58cm Assorted

Dresser Roman Temple 2 Doors

Coat Rack Spoon Black Tre

Shelf Pole 63cm

Pendant Lamp Cage Chandelier Chrome Ø40cm

Shelf Pole 125cm

Room Divider Maze

Drawer Tower Babalou 72cm (6/Set)

Mirror Bubble 110x110

Mirror Cubes Copper 132x54cm

Key Cabinet Underground

Sideboard Memory Carve 2 Doors 2 Drw

Picture Glass Capitals 45x140cm Assorted

Dresser Diva Make Up Croco 5 Drawers

Coat Rack Schools Out

Stool Flint Stone Ø35cm

Mirror Bubble 95x75

Wall Clock Vintage Multi Nature

Hanging Lamp Barock Clear 5 Lights

Pendant Lamp Five Bulbs Clear

Side Table Railway Ø37cm

Chest of drawers Vintage Make Up 4 Drawers

Mirror Roses 180x80cm

Console Babalou 135cm

Bench Wing Patchwork Red

Console Ornament Gold Antique Big

Console Air Plane

Mirror Sunbeam Ø90cm

Side Table Newspaper Metal white

Mirror Skull Movie 120x80cm

Coat Rack Be Yourself

Side Table Z White 30x20cm

Mirror London Telephone 210cm

Mirror Lady 201x84cm

Display Cabinet Steamboat 3 doors