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A new style for environments

30. November 2019

Whether you have a house in the city, at the beach or in the mountains you can decide to furnish it with the style that best reflects you!

Who said that houses by the sea must necessarily have the colors blue, white, blue and coral red?

Or that the houses in the mountains should be furnished exclusively with wooden furniture?

In the common imaginary it seems impossible to think of a house by the sea where there are no elements that have the colors of the water or a house in the mountains where wood is not preferred.

Why not think about modernizing your second home, or the first if you live by the sea or in the mountains, inspired by the city style?

The city style favors spaces, it is for bold personalities who love organization and elegance.

Having more space in your home as well as enlarging your home will free you from physical and perceptive stress.

But for the new furniture to have the aforementioned effect it is necessary to choose the right colors.