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KARE 3D Room Designer

01. March 2021


03. April 2018


You look forward for weeks to the delivery of your new sofa, but when it arrives you’re in for a shock: it clashes violently with the rest of your furniture! And it’s huge! Surely it didn’t look as big as that in the showroom! And you measured up everything so carefully. So what now? Keep it, although it no longer appeals to you in the slightest, or go to all the trouble of sending it back? Oh dear…

Fortunately that’s all ancient history now, and here comes the answer!

With the KARE Room Designer App you can try out KARE furniture within your own four walls. Is that possible? Yes, in fact it’s easy: the augmented reality technology of our app enables you – with your iPhone or iPad – to place KARE furniture, lamps and accessories in a room as a realistic 3-D model. This includes carpets on the floor, pictures on the wall or a sofa as the central focal point of your private feel-good oasis.

The mobile game for interior fans

Just like Pokémon Go, the KARE Room Designer App combines virtual elements with your real surroundings. Will that trendy velvet armchair in royal blue be a good match for that couch you love so much? Will a striking collage on the wall upset the balance, or will it add a definite statement of style to your living room? Do those chairs match the dining table, and would a standard lamp turn that corner with which you’ve never been able to do anything into a stylish highlight that every single one of your guests will comment on? Knock yourself out and have fun exploring what will really look good within your home.







Our furnishing experts are within easy reach!

The ‘walk’ around mode enables you to move through the room and inspect your furnishing ideas from different angles. And then when you’ve completed your dream interior design and know exactly what your room needs, you can add the relevant articles to your shopping basket and then send the basket to your local KARE store. Your personal furnishing advisor will prepare an attractive offer for you, and even fill out the purchase order if you wish. Alternatively, if you would like feedback on your interior design project,

you can send it straight from the app to one of our furnishing experts for a professional check free of charge. And of course everything is uncomplicated and doesn’t commit you to anything.

So get out your iPhone right now – it’s time to give your creativity free rein. You can download the app free of charge from the App Store and get to know an entirely new dimension of the fun of furnishing – with our KARE Room Designer App.


Delivery available now

Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that the delivery service is now available! To place an order just simply contact us via WhatsApp (+994555353596) or short number * 0221 and your order will be delivered to you within 24 hours. We are working for your comfort!