The neck-support pillow from the KARE Sleep Studio

21. August 2017

Available now: the perfect pillow for the perfect night’s sleep. Whatever position you sleep in, optimum support for the neck musculature is an essential factor when it comes to ensuring a restful sleep and waking up fresh and relaxed.

Admittedly the pillow doesn’t necessarily look sexy, and may not appear as cosy as the classical 80 x 80 down pillow. But here’s a tip for all bedroom aesthetes who so far haven’t been able to bring themselves to sacrifice the perfect look for the perfect sleep. The classical fluffy pillow doesn’t have to be fully banished from your bed. The neck-support pillow can simply be concealed below it until it’s time for bed. You don’t need to replace your favourite bedding, either. The neck-support pillow fits perfectly into an 80 x 80 pillow cover, which only has to be folded inwards to be transformed into an 80 x 40 version. We’re sure that once your neck has experienced total relaxation you’ll probably forget all about normal down pillows, anyway.

Of course not all neck-support pillows are the same, and for this reason the KARE pillow has been designed in close cooperation with IPNOmed and with physiotherapists. It comes in seven different heights and – depending on shoulder width, the length of the cervical vertebrae and mattress hardness – can provide ideal relaxation for the neck muscles.

Consisting of Soft-Therm foam, a combination of cold foam and visco foam, the pillow provides a perfect combination of elasticity, air circulation and evaporation of moisture. The pillow is rounded off by a cover made of TENCEL®. TENCEL® is a cellulose fibre with a natural basis and makes use of photosynthesis. It is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen – in addition it can be washed at 40°C and is therefore the ideal material for a pillow cover.

Our pillow configurator will quickly find the ideal height for your perfect night’s rest.

Take your measurements right now, enter them, place your order and enjoy the sleep of the future.

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