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KARE @IMM Cologne

12. January 2018


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An Aspen-inspired refuge for the bohemian winter holiday makers – bright and lofty colours, natural materials and zen-style accessories make a cosy yet cheerful resort. Furry surfaces, linen and slouchy couches invite for tea and cuddles on a winter night out in a high-end cabin.












The collection inspired by glamorous hotel lobbies of the past and coming decades – statement pieces made of luxurious materials, such as velvet, brass or even bone, guarantee for a breathtaking look. Surrounding are sophisticated and dark, an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere to have a cocktail at the end of the day in a classy lounge. Details are brass and gold, mirrors and mosaic style rugs complete the looks, as well as framed portraits of the late stars of the glamorous film times.









A fun and laid back decoration theme to complete any youthful wooden furniture collection. Jungle prints and flower patterns are combined with plants, fun side tables in animal look serve as eyecatchers (and beverage holders) and the occasional monkey deco figure reminds us to go bananas when decorating!









Cocktail is the best of the 60s and 70s, a place where all your icons would gather together for cocktails and what else not. Midcentury colors and shapes are the base, garnished with copper lights, fun furry rugs and bulbs looking straight from out of space.





Bold and colorful add ons to make a joyful home with a wink! Don’t be shy and let the cheerful characters make your house a happy place.







Contrasts make a match: Industrial Loft is an exciting combination of natural wood and a modern as well as cool concrete look. Tapered legs guarantee for a modern twist with a mid-century vibe. This collection is made to store and display all the treasures of everyday life and to become a part of a welcoming home. ideal for modern and industrial-inspired homes of the young-at-heart.