5 things we can finally do at home

21. April 2020

Some of us are already falling the ceiling on our heads at home. If you feel the same way, here are 5 tips on how you can spend your time at home in a meaningful way:


  1. Detox your wardrobe! Now is the time to muck out your closet finally!

An intention you often set to yourself. Now you have the opportunity to finally bring your closet in order and to muck out old stuff.

Studies show that we actually wear only 20% of our cloths. The rest dissapears into the depth of your closet and gets forgotten there. Make room for something new now! Mucking out has a liberating effect and has even more advantages. In a tidy wardrobe which is well-arranged, you can put your outfits together much easier and much faster.

You can donate clothes that you sorted out, or sell them via online platforms such as Kleiderkreisel or REBELLE.

Start with easy steps and proceed systematically, first pants, then T-Shirts, then sweaters – what can be sorted out, which colors can be combined well, which parts have you not worn in over a year? According to minimalistic queen Marie Kondo, this cloths can definitely be sorted out. Put on your favorite music and there you go!


  1. Try out an online yoga class!

There’s nothing better against stress than Yoga. Yoga trains our attention, focuses us, strengthens our self-confidence, our muscles and put us in a good mood. Find your favorite place in your apartment and roll out your yoga mat. Treat yourself with 20 minutes Yoga Flow. Take a break, a deep breath and bring your attention only to yourself. Just turn off the world around you. Create your daily wellbeing routine. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Yogi, in Mady Morrison’s free yoga sessions, there is something for everyone. The certified yoga trainer leads through each unit in a very charming and professional manner. Namaste!

  1. Order some food from your favorite restaurant!

Support your favorite local restaurants now and order your favorite dish to your home. Easy and comfortable – enjoy your meal in your own four walls. Isn’t home the most beautiful place? It is not too loud, there’s no crowd, and you have a free choice of seats! No matter whether you share your meal with your loved ones or eat together via video call – enjoy your favorite meal!



  1. Decorate your balcony!

Spring is here and we are opening the balcony season! Design your balcony now as your personal place of retreat in the fresh air. Set up a cozy seating area, create the right mood with lanterns and fairy lights. Gardening in the fresh air is not only healthy, your plants and flowers will make your endorphines shine. No matter you got a north or south balcony, there are suitable plants for every location and season. Invite the butterflies and create your green oasis of wellbeing!


  1. Clubbing and culture – you can do both at home!

What would life be without music and culture? It would be desolate and colorless! Nothing makes our happiness hormones dance like our favorite song. Whether your all-time favorite band or a new genre you want to try out, you can bring the DJ live into your living room now via various streaming services such as United We Stream. Put the coffee table aside and dance your soul out!

You don’t have to do without culture either. Whether it’s the Pinakotheken in Munich, the Louvre in Paris or theMetropolitan Museum of Art in New York, take a virtual tour trough the museums and get inspired by art and culture.


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