Guest of KARE Shop Manager Edilka in Toronto

3. July 2023

At home with Edilka Anderson

What is the best way to get started in a new home? We asked our partner Edilka Anderson in Toronto and got some very personal answers. While decorating her new family home, she picked up a few tips that she shares with us in this home story.

Office: More home than office

As an entrepreneur, Edilka also has things to do after work. She also appreciates the home office option to spend more time with her children. “Regardless of whether someone works permanently or only partially in a home office, it is very worthwhile to make this workplace as pleasant and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Edilka has added special flair to her study: “I love the purple “Night Fever” sofa with its flowing shapes!”


The little things

Eyecatchers: Edilka has found many of her favorite furniture and accessories at KARE Toronto. Whether mirrors or pictures as wall decorations, eye-catchers draw the eye in a room, emphasize architectural features like a fireplace, or skillfully enhance empty walls and corners.


Wellbeing oasis living room

“I can only recommend to take their time when fine-tuning the interior,”

Edilka advises.


Furnish retreats with love

In her busy life as an entrepreneur and mother, Edilka values rest and relaxation as a balance. Therefore, her bedroom is her retreat where she likes to retreat to read and relax.


Favorite colors as a concept

Edilka also focuses on individuality when it comes to choosing colors and materials. Black and white serve as her neutral base, which she rounds off with accent colors like nude and gold. Edilka style combines the materials wood and metal, which gives the rooms their own personality.


La marca KARE simboliza ideas de decoración únicas, inconformistas y auténticas. Desde 1981, la empresa sorprende a sus fans de todo el mundo con una variedad incomparable e inagotable de nuevos muebles, iluminación y complementos de decoración, todos ellos expresión de una intensa pasión por el diseño.