Lenas Look

15. juillet 2019

She reaches almost half a million followers every day with her posts. Lena Terlutter is a fashion entrepreneur, high-end blogger and mother of three – and has created a home for herself in her dream house in Cologne, where timeless elegance and a touch of glamour are an invitation to dream and enjoy the ambience. Of course, a few KARE products cannot be missing. The style expert tells us what is important to her in furnishing, and gives us an insight into the way she sets her dining table.

What do you enjoy most when it comes to furnishing?

For me enjoying furnishing means accepting changes from time to time and trying out new things. Even if you have already found your own style, it’s nice to experiment within its boundaries. It’s a wonderful feeling to invite friends or family and make your home a place where you and others feel good!


What is the biggest challenge in furnishing for you?

Turning a house into a home. I’m very interested in interior design, furniture, trends and everything that has to do with home decor. Apart from my job in the fashion industry, this is my greatest passion. I furnish the stores, offices and apartments we rent out. In addition to the requirements of design and style, feeling good is also a very important topic. Personal items, books, decorative objects that mean something to people and create a cosy atmosphere for those who live in the apartment are all essential factors.





Do you cook or does your husband?

My husband 🙂 But now we have a new open-plan kitchen, cooking has become much more fun – so it can happen that I cook more often than before.


What’s your perfect table decoration?

I love opulently set tables with large bouquets of flowers. This immediately looks inviting and fresh.


Is there a culinary speciality in the Terlutter household?

My husband sometimes cooks a few Albanian dishes, which he learned from his mother and taste delicious. I love Mediterranean cuisine and above all Italian cooking – one of my favourite dishes is a colourful tomato salad with burrata cheese.


And what’s your favorite aperitif?

Bellini and champagne





Can you reveal to us the KARE article which is your favourite at the moment?


It’s a tough decision, but right now I’m crazy about the BELL range of tableware. Its clean, white design with gold highlights is highly decorative and a real eye-catcher on the table.



Photo: Bina Terre; Lena Terlutter
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