Home story: Home office with Liliana Klein

19. février 2021


A place for inspiration, drive and retreat: Today’s home office is expected to do a lot. Together with power woman Liliana Klein, event manager, designer, influencer & mom, we show you how the home office becomes an elegant and glamorous work oasis. In collaboration with our interior professionals from KARE Vienna, the charismatic Viennese has fulfilled her dream of the perfect workplace at home. And this much in advance: You would hardly want to leave it again!



















Liliana likes to show her many followers on Instagram and Facebook her everyday life between campaign shoots, fashion show organization and mommy life. The focus is on ease and the mix of luxury brands with affordable products. She wants her home office to reflect the same. « This year we are celebrating 10 years of FASHION Check-in. When I look through our archives, I still get goosebumps. I hope that all of our visitors also had unforgettable experiences, » Liliana says of the most important thing about her events: the emotion. The home office collaboration with KARE is meant to do just that: convey an attitude toward life. « KARE has been with me privately and professionally since the beginning. Our first office was furnished by KARE and I’m now looking forward to the next collaboration with this homestory. »


Now our interior design consultants come into play. Together with Liliana, they discuss her ideas, wishes and the requirements that the workplace should fulfill for her professional life. First, mood boards and product collages are created to define the style. Then the 3D plans come into play.



Liliana’s office, which covers about 20 square meters, is to have a cozy lounge character in addition to the obligatory desk. This makes it easy to switch to the couch for brainstorming, phone calls or a little downtime. For the look in feminine soft glam, Liliana chooses light, cream-colored furniture with velvety fabrics in combination with golden notes. The gold aspect can also be found in the accessories. The precious metallic look radiates warmth and provides the glamorous touch. Carpet and pillows also pick up this element and bring a touch of coziness to the room.

The mirrored furniture from the Luxury series not only provides the luxurious look, but also more brightness. By the way, the best tip for small rooms! Due to the reflection of light, mirrored surfaces give more depth. A stylish trick to make the room look larger. This works not only classically with mirrors on the walls.

The fact that you can clear your head particularly well in nature also works in the home office: Liliana opts for a coffee table whose wooden top has a grounding effect thanks to its natural edges. Indoor plants also have a miracle effect. If you don’t have any green fingers, you can simply reach for trendy artificial plants. Together with the animal accessories, a little piece of nature subtly enters the study.

The result: a tailored, elegant home office that shines with Liliana: « It embodies exactly what is important to me as a person. It’s playful, homey, yet timelessly chic. I value « setting highlights », whether it’s in fashion or in my event job. In my home office we have set several highlights together. This room now is my absolute feel-good space, an area for creativity and dreams. I am infinitely grateful to the team at KARE. »

If you now also want to have your apartment or living space redecorated by our professionals according to your wishes, then you will find your next KARE store here. We look forward to seeing you!

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