For the areas of Sofia and Pernik delivery of the KARE purchased goods includes transport, transfer and introduction of the goods to your place. The price is 28 BGN for all goods except furniture. The price of the furniture delivery is 100 BGN.

For deliveries and transport outside these areas the price is calculated at 1.60 BGN per kilometer in only one direction, and the p
rice transmission and payment is 28 BGN for all goods without furniture and 100 BGN for furniture.

Additionally we offer and supply delivery with courier companies at preferential prices.




The price of the montage service for KARE purchased goods is 5% of the final amount of the purchase before deduction of all discounts and it is valid for the Sofia and Pernik areas.

all other areas, the montage is calculated individually after the request.





KARE offers professional interior design service.INTERIOR DESIGN
The service includes professional advices from our interior designers, taking the size and making a sketch with dimensions of the selected furniture, also a photo offer. The price is 50 BGN, VAT included for rooms up to 100 m², 100 BGN for rooms from 100 to 200m², for space over 200m² premises is negotiable according to the space.
The cost for designing is calculated in lev for 1m²;
– For residential interiors – 12 BGN/m²;
– Public interior – 20 BGN/m²;
Price for arranging and decoration – negotiable.

The prices are valid for the area of Sofia and Pernik. For all other areas, the design is calculated individually and depends of the request.

KARE offers additional service – CONSULTATION ON THE SPOT
Our consultant will visit your home/office to help you in choosing the best KARE furniture for your home/office.
– The price of this service is: 100 BGN
* Service is offered only in Sofia

If you need our professional advices and opinion, do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel .: 0882 380 662 – Stefan Dimanov – Designer

More info HERE

VIPBe part of the club!
How to get the card and the shopping discounts:

After single purchase or order over 4999 BGN from KARE, you get a card for a 3% discount on all subsequent purchases of goods with no promotion.

After single purchase or order over 9999 BGN shop KARE, you get a card for a 5% discount on all subsequent purchases of goods with no promotion.

* All mentioned prices include VAT.






Will that purple armchair look good in my living room? Questions like this are answered within seconds by an app with which items of furniture can be viewed, positioned and combined within your own four walls as 3-D objects using your camera viewer or our 3-D planning tool. In many of its functions the KARE app goes well beyond the scope of previous applications.

3-D planning

Simply enter the dimensions of the room, doors and windows, together with the flooring and colours, and you’ll be able to view your room in 3-D from every perspective. Now you can fit out the room with furniture, carpets, lamps and decorations – trying lots of alternatives until you have found your furnishing dream. You can plan like a professional, displaying everything within seconds and without difficulty.

3-D furniture in your own living room within seconds
Once you select your preferred piece of furniture it appears on the screen immediately. You can now move it around, view it from a different perspective and combine it with other objects. You can also take screenshots, then save them or share them with friends on Facebook or Pinterest. KARE owner and CEO Peter Schönhofen comments: “Apps which just show pages from a catalogue are history. With our app users can have fun testing their furnishing dreams and make them come true right there and then”.


KARE-Room-Designer-App-QRAugmented reality
Augmented reality or “AR” is innovative technology which expands our perception of reality with the aid of the computer. For example, the visual display of a room as it appears in the viewfinder of a camera is given additional dimensions by AR. In the KARE app this takes the form of 3-D models of items of furniture and furnishing accessories, together with detailed information about their dimensions and materials.

The app can also refer you to the nearest stockist, send out enquiries and even help you to arrange an appointment with an interior designer. In each case the KARE app only loads the data for the objects you have selected, which avoids having to download large volumes of data. In addition several objects can be positioned virtually within the room at the same time.


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