Cigar Lounge

18. February 2018

Cigar Lounge • Cosy Living  •   Warm, exclusive and imperishable. Natural woods in dark colors and worked by expert craftsmen and combine with lovingly tanned leather, party with styled with buttons, to generate an intimate atmosphere of well-being and the cultivated atmosphere of the British gentlemen’s club.     Natural color that brings the ambiance […]


10. September 2017

Ibiza • Cosy Living  •   Ibiza – This warm-hearted collection brings cheerfulness, holiday sensations and vibrant joie de vivre onto your home. Tables, chairs and chests of drawers combine to provide a firework of colors, decorating themselves with pretty borders and imaginative flower patterns. With flair and imagination this collection turns the room of the […]


27. May 2017

Skandi • Modern Times  • Refreshing rooms of today, where we breather, clear shapes and light wood, creating harmony and calm as well as precious design – these are the characteristic features of Nordic furniture design. translucent surfaces bring timeliness, natural and innovative materials combine to a look far from daily routine. With Kare’s Skandi, […]


27. May 2017

B-Square •Modern Times • Be amazed on this collection where you will find really appealing furniture. The design and color will take you for a ride of your lifetime.   • B-Square is the smile on every customers face – a light mix with Scandinavian touches. Light woo, 50ies inspired shapes and colors create a cozy […]


01. April 2017

KARE AT THE SALONE DEL MOBILE MILAN From 04 to 09 April 2017 Milan will once more be the undisputed centre of furniture design. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the world’s biggest furniture show, and KARE will very much be part of this prestigious design forum. The 2017 furnishing trend – “Go for your […]

Colorful Lights KARE

01. October 2016

Colorful Lights KARE LET’S LIGHT UP YOUR INTERIORS WITH THESE STUNNING BEAUTIFUL LIGHT COLLECTIONS FROM KARE.  ” CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR AWESOME COLORFUL DESIGNS FOR YOUR HOUSE “   Wall Lamp Parecchi Vertical Chrome A stylish wall lamp in an anything-but-ordinary design – The Parecchi Vertical Chrome wall lamp is a work of art in itself, providing […]

Babalou MOOD Collection

25. September 2016

BABALOU mood collection Here is a short video presentaion of one of our BABALOU mood collection in Bahrain. Babalou is the trendshow with heart. A sixties-inspired collection of material mix combined with treasures of all kinds, Decorate with playful details, warm and bright colours and patchwork items. The special character of our charming BABALOU series comes from […]

Rodeo MOOD Collection

17. September 2016

Here is a short video presentaion of one of our Rodeo MOOD Collections in Bahrain.   Rodeo is the modern Mountain Loft – a mixture of natural colours of materials. Leather meets cowskin, Wood meets iron. Walls and floor are kept raw. Accessories can be all type of animal-shaped articles, the light is low and […]

KARE Bahrain – JAZZ

04. September 2016

JAZZ   Be stunned with this interior design for “Dining Area” . Check this luxurious and classic concept.          1. Table Jazz 80x200cm  2. Chair with Armrest Jazz Black/Gold  3. Bar Table Jazz Ø80cm v 4. Carpet Kelim Pop Yellow 240x170cm             Item Materials : 1. Table Jazz – Material: legs: […]

KARE Bahrain – Soft Beauty

13. August 2016

Soft Beauty   Soft Beauty – Be stunned with this interior design for “Living Room” . A calm natural atmosphere filled with glass and wooden tables, added with a brown stylish sofa design.   Welcome on Aboard. Discover unconventional designs and materials, graphic elements and decorative stand-alone article. In combination or solo – always real highlights.  A […]

KARE Bahrain – Industrial Loft

23. June 2016

Industrial Loft   Be stunned with this awesome interior design for sitting area. Why not make your  sitting area to be an industrial factory theme with a mix of three colorful chairs and coffee table.   1. Arm Chair Angels Wings Dark Grey New Design, 2. Arm Chair Angels Wings Yellow New Designs, 3. Arm Chair Angels Wings […]

KARE Bahrain – White Diva

23. June 2016

White Diva Be stunned with this awesome interior design for dining. Full white leather bar counter and bar chair with a mix of bright classical mirror on the back.   1. Rockstar Bar White, 2. Rockstar Bar Stool White, 3. Mirror Romantico 183×122, 4. Eagle Statue,                       […]

KARE Bahrain – Metropolis

23. June 2016

Metropolis Be stunned with this awesome interior design for dining. A mix of pinkish glamour and grey shine chairs, with a unique design of dining table. Added with a checkered cow hide carpet and finish up with some colorful chandellier light with a matching accessories. 1. Table Chalet Louis 200x100cm, 2. Padded Chair Cintura Purple Ring, 3. Padded […]


30. September 2015

THE FINCA COLLECTION When it comes to timeless ethno-style and lovely details, Finca is our absolute favourite collection. Every piece is unique, thanks to Indian craftsmanship, with techniques that have been inherited since many generations. This kind of wood-carving is also used for embellishing houses and even temples. We love to have such a unique […]


29. September 2015

GRAHAM – THE MODERN GENTLE GUY (GET THE LOOK!)   We found him – the gentle guy of today, the man of taste, who reads the newspaper, dresses well and owns a loyal dog. Does he drink Whiskey, is he able to cook an elaborate dinner? We imagine him playing tennis, drinking old Fashioned and […]

13. September 2015