Industrial loft style for your home in just a few steps

31. July 2019

Don’t we all dream of the perfect loft apartment? Rooms flooded with light, brick walls, concrete floors ….. the full package of urban romanticism? Admittedly there aren’t many apartments which satisfy all these requirements. We have the perfect collection for lovers of the industrial furnishing style who don’t want to invest a fortune but are looking for special eye-catchers in spite of this.


X-Factory represents a mixture of the concrete look and fronts made of solid fir wood, while the legs are positioned at an angle in the mid-century style and connected with decorative cross struts.

Full of character, yet not obtrusive, solo or in a group, the collection has immediate and direct appeal.

This is how you can create an industrial loft-style at little expense:

  • The wall: a dark-colored wall adds atmosphere to the room, always has an exciting effect and can’t fail to make an impact. We especially like the version with blackboard paint: we can use chalk to scribble our ideas, shopping lists and greetings on it. Friends can leave messages here, kids can express themselves creatively, and we can re-invent our surroundings every day.
  • The floor: a concrete floor, old parquet flooring or wooden floorboards are a dream. If you don’t have these in your home, it’s easy to find alternatives: pedestals made of wooden pallets, carpets made of old jeans or even cowhide can create varied floor coverings in the industrial look.
  • The furniture: a mixture is required here. Whether the focus is on individual articles or entire series, apothecary shelving and designer pieces need to have space and shouldn’t be grouped too close together. The solution is a mixture of modern design with basic elements made of wood, iron and concrete as well as leather. Heirlooms meet robot lamps here, while design classics stand next to grandma’s sewing machine table. A comfortable sofa made of natural materials takes pride of place in the center of the room. And if you haven’t been lucky enough to inherit a high-quality piece of furniture with a history of its own, you can opt for an attractive cubist-style sofa made of high-quality leather.
  • Light: bright rooms flooded with light are the target here. Additional sources of light can be suspended from old (or newly-acquired used) pipes. There’s no reason why bulbs shouldn’t be visible – we’re fond of retro-look lamps which create a warm light with a vintage feel, but consist of energy-saving LEDs. They have a purist effect in metal fittings with cables wound loosely around shelving or wood, but they will also enhance any other conventional lamp.
  • Plants: everything is possible but nothing is compulsory – in a modern loft individual stand-alone plants have a greater impact than small collections. A giant cactus would be our favorite!
  • Decoration: the cactus is the perfect plant for people who do a lot of travelling and don’t wish to invest a great deal of time in looking after plants. And if you don’t have green fingers but still can’t do without some attractive green plant life, you can make use of vases and decorative objects in the cactus look. With or without plants inside them these cactus vases are top favorites in our collection and are as versatile as houseplants themselves. We can’t imagine a room without witty accessories, and are fans of all those bits and pieces that put a smile on your face. An example is a decorative mandrill which serves as a side table, or cups with handles in the shape of animal heads … we could go on and on!
  • Pictures: the principle of ‘less is more’ also applies when it comes to decorating the wall! But of course, it can be in XL format. Why not something completely out of the ordinary? Hanging a bike on the wall not only represents theft-proof storage but also makes an interesting change. And our top tip: isolated large pictures on the wall make the room look larger than is the case with a collection of small images. The same applies to mirrors: a large mirror makes the room look bigger, regardless of whether it’s a spacious loft or an apartment with industrial style furnishings. Try it for yourself!
The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

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