Holiday Gift Guide

3. December 2019

It’s hard to believe we are nearing that most wonderful time of the year! – and while we all love the holidays, finding that perfect gift for that someone special can be stressful and overwhelming. Need some gift idea inspiration?

To help you guys out we have compiled this gift guide with a selection of items that will be sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved one this holiday season.

gift guide items for the holidays


  1. Alpaca Money Box ($69) – A lovable four-legged friend! The colourful Alpaca shimmers in the light in all the colours of the rainbow.

  2. Wall Decoration Wings Gold White 120x120cm ($1529.00) – Wings without angels – Angelic wall decoration without the slightest hint of kitsch!

  3. Monkey Kikazaru Red Money Box ($99.00) – A wonderful gift for any age, Available in vivid red, green and blue.

  4. Rockstar Pig ($29.00) – Are some things simply impossible! If pigs had wings, would they fly? This specimen with the sparkling silver wings would rather be a rock star.

  5. Deco Object Elements Heart Hand ($159.00) – This decorative object shows what is important in life: the heart.

  6. Touched Flower Boat Picture 100x80cm ($139.00) – A true sea of flowers. Inspired by the culture of Asian fashion, this picture brings a lot of colour and joie de vivre into the house.

  7. Marilyn Picture 172x100cm ($939.00) – This grandiose image of movie goddess Marilyn Monroe extends over its entire dimensions of 172×100 cm

  8. Cushion Paradise 45x45cm ($29.00)On this decorative cushion you can see a little paradise – with palms and hibiscus, hummingbirds and butterflies – just right for dreaming!
  9. Deco Globe Vintage Assorted ($49.00) – The attractive design makes the globe an eye-catcher and at the same time a timeless decorative accessory.

  10. Frame Duck Feet Vertical ($49.00) – A crazy photo frame to fall in love with.

  11. Deco Figurine Elefant Zirkus (2/Set) ($99.00) – Decoration that makes you smile.

  12. Wine Cooler Oh Deer 54cm ($599.00) – Nothing is more suited to a party than opulence. In this respect, the large, shiny silver wine cooler Oh Deer is a great choice

  13. Headphone Mount Transparent Assorted ($39.00) – The glass heads are a colorful decoration for the table, window sill, chest of drawers, bathroom or many more areas.

  14. Picture Glass Times Square Move 120x90cm ($279.00) – On the corner of 7th Avenue and West 47th Street.

  15. Picture Glass Proud Lion 120x180cm ($729.00) – Picture: wild beauty. Graceful, sublime, wild – this impressive photograph of a lion conjures up an overwhelming African feeling on the wall

  16. Candle Holder Reindeer ($1549.00) – This life-sized reindeer is a real professional – an expert for lighting, stunning decoration and a festive atmosphere

  17. Deco Figurine Gangster Dog ($179.00) – Decorative figure: love of animals

  18. Blanket Fur Leo 150x200cm ($99.00) – A stylish and cozily soft blanket made of imitation fur Perfect for cold evenings and nights, or as an elegant throw.

  19. Deco Figurine Flamingo 114cm ($999.00) – Crazy, playful, flamingo. A statement accessory and a real splash of colour. Perfect for an extravagant eclectic but also for minimalist interiors.

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