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Color up your live!

06. March 2017

Paint it black?


… No colors anymore, I want them to turn black… If you go with this Stones’ message we recommend the wall color “4320E noir d’ivoire” (evolved by the famous Mr. Le Corbusier). It’s a kind of warm and at the same time very dark black – covering everything permanently, for example the red door mentioned in the famous song. If you are a bit more of a positive thinker, this article is for you. It’s about the old story of what color suits which room and what about these stylish accents? As you might know, colors have a huge impact on our psyche and our spatial perception. So we can easily get into a better mood by bringing the right color to our rooms and moreover it affects the perception of the room’s size and the other way round – for example by keeping it more depressing and smaller with 4320E noir d’ivoire as mentioned above. This little paint job is one small step for man, a big step for your room. Very important is, not only to use the right color for you needs, but also to choose a good quality. We know you definitely do not want to have something non-natural on the walls that surround you, so the indoor environment deteriorates and open molds floodgates. Therefore, the right color for indoor paint consists of organic material, is breathable and environmentally friendly. At our flagship store in Munich, KARE Kraftwerk, we sell the high-end“Porsche” of wall colors – the poLyChro from KEIM. The company Keim is world leader in manufactured Silikattechnique colors. They have been authorized exclusively by Le Corbusier, icon of modern architecture (Bauhaus- you might have heard of?) to offer this unique color collection. We supply you timeless Mineral colors with unmatched color depth and silky lustrous texture effect. See for yourself at the KARE Kraftwerk – we have swung the brush and wrapped our staircase in a stunning color (Pssst… Could be one more reason to visit us).Ok… let’s get to the kernel of the brute: What color goes best with which room?

Living Room

In the home of most of the people the real life is happening in the living room. Even more since there is the trend to a living-dining area. The interpretation of the living room in style and function is as individual as the inhabitants themselves. Sometimes the furnishing is highly representative and the highlight of the home. Often the living room has the part of a home cinema with a large TV set and a perfect sound system. According to the statistics the living room is mostly a lively place to meet and an oasis of relaxation. Family, friends and guests get comfortable with us on the sofa and we enjoy the pleasant feeling of being at home.


Do you recognize yourself? Is your living room this room where you can chill yourself on your sofa and just feel happy, being at home? Or do you always recognize some things you’d like to change? Are you missing the right grain of security to have the perfect feel-good atmosphere? Then, at the latest, it’s time for a change, since living should be joy. Where else, then in the own four walls, do you recharge your batteries from your daily hectic.

Before hasty changing some furniture and hoping for the feel-good atmosphere afterwards, check how you wish your future living room should look like in its entirety. This style question is the reason we offer our furniture in varied trend shows for every taste and budget. The trend shows help finding the perfect feel-good atmosphere for YOUR home. Today we present three of our trend shows and combine fitting colour ranges for a complete stylish look in your living room.


Summerly and bright – Modern Times

You love the sun and light and get the curtains or blinds just closed in emergency? When the days get shorter all your lights are switched on, since who would like to life in the dark? You are our modern times type. Modern Times doesn’t necessarily mean high gloss or reduced design. How do you think about gorgeous, bright wood furniture, meeting your individual needs of light and radiate warmth and comfort due to the natural material?

Of course there is also a cleaner way. We’ve got fantastic mirror furniture scaling up your room size and casting light into every corner.


For those friends of the sun, the walls should stay bright. Who thinks about white as a colour of no alternative – you are wrong. There is also a warm or cold white. Pure white has a rejecting and numb effect, according to research. Therefore don’t go for pure white for your living room. A slight shade of yellow, red or grey gives a warm or cold accent. For the cool white we’d like to recommend Outremer gris von poLyChro and for the warmer touch blanc or blanc ivoire. And why not combining different shades of white for an elegant and classy effect. You could mix up your room with a warm wool white and an also warm but a bit brighter canvas white. That doesn’t only match perfectly with bright wooden furniture but also gives you a great freedom for your choice of pictures and decoration.

Hot and thoroughly styled – Elegance

You are into fashion, trends and warm colours? Bright or dark is not as important as the haptic and the look.

Then go for our trend show Elegance. We offer exquisite furniture which became classics after being the hottest trend and will classily upgrade your home. One series out of our trend show Elegance is the 60s Cocktail collection, we combined with warm colours and really hot retro wallpapers.



For those who love patterns and ornaments, wallpaper is a dream coming true. The more expressive the pattern and ornaments, the more intensive is the impact in your living room. An ideal mix to create some quiet areas in your room is a combination of wallpaper and wall colour. Of course you can also leave the wallpapering and just go for a hot orange on your wall – we would recommend Orange by poLyChro – an orange more brilliant and warmer is not possible. More cautious, but not less beautiful, is the colour Orange Clair. An orange living room is a real highlight, also for your mood. Warmth and light is given by this colour and therefore highly recommended for rooms aligned to the north or just darker rooms. Besides: Orange shades increase the sociability and the appetite.

Timeless and comfortable – Cozy living

Your slogan is “my home is my castle”? Why thinking about the world out there, when your home is so fantastic. You sometimes curl yourself up into a ball and just feel comfortable on your sofa enjoying peace and quiet. You will love our trend show Cozy living.


Natural materials like wood and leather with a lot of style are a perfect base for your own little empire. A chest with fur facing, an Oxford sofa or a metal sideboard – here you’ll find those timeless furniture making your dreams come true.

So the feel-good look for your home gets complete we’ve got the matching colour tipps for Cozy living. We go for green! Besides its sedative effect green provides a feeling of security and comfort. It inspires creativity and supports our regeneration. A perfect colour for the living room even so it looks noble and timeless in combination with dark wood. Our Brooklyn series is uniquely fitting into this fantastically beautiful forest green.


A perfect green for all nest-builders is vert foncé by poLyChro. A very grown-up green, captivating with its insensitivity and clarity. The more shades of blue are in your green the cooler and dressier is the effect. So if you’d like to get the stimulating effects of green, go for a deep and rich green without any blue.


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For those who do not want to grab ab brush and paint buckets, with the right furniture and accessories, you can of course also bring the positive energy of the “right” color to your room.