16. December 2015

Our gift ideas cover every kind of person – from the mother-in-law to the party animal! We’ll get you on the right track. Each according to his taste – couchpotatoes can shop online or you can visit usin the KARE Kraftwerk. And nothing could be more relaxing: In every corner, the most comfortable chairs are inviting you to take a seat and you have elevators on each floor. The smell of home baked cakes will guide you the way to our excellent Kraftwerk kitchen, where we care for carnivors as well as vegans. On the rooftop terrace, you can catch a deep breath, even in winter timesthrough a cigarette or pure. Don’t miss the incredible view over the Alps!

Who ever needs the advice of his friends, can access our free Wi-Fi at any time. If the battery is running low, it can be refueled at our loading boxes again. Speaking refuel: Saturdays from 12 o’clock, we provide free mulled wine and cinnamon stars for our guests, as good hosts do.

If you are only free on Sundays, don’t be sad – we have Look Sunday and you can order everything you like easily online, cause our QR codes lead you directly to the right product in our online shop.There is no better way for stress-free Christmas shopping.

You are still feeling challenged now? It’s probably caused by the visit of your mother-in-lawbut we have no solution for that – so far.



His listeners are literally hanging on his lips while he takes over every conversation with everyday anecdotes – just like a professional comedian. Humor is not always contagious. But a joker knows how to create a good atmosphere no matter where.

1. K&F Deco Playhouse Little Farm |2. Cushion Cartoon Pow |3. Stool Hamburger |4. Bottle Holder Open Bottle Pink |5. Mini Cabinet Battery |6. Deco Plate Sign |7. Vase Boy |8. Money Box Washing Machine |9. Picture Action Comics


She is girlish and sexy at the same time and loves glamorous and stylish warm color combinations. Red reminds her of the red carpet and with her mates she analyses every style faux pas of her fellow humans. Sex and the City is in the air

1. Hanging Lampshade Beads Pink + Green |2. Wall Light Love Red LED |3. Ashtray Lips |4. Dress Form Mannequin Medium |5. Arm Chair Saloon Pink |6. Standing Mirror Baroque Gold |7. Frame Diamond Rainbow |8. Vase Orient Red-Purple


He studies physics to understand the world but actually this does not challenge him. He loves to let his mind wander while he is watching his favourite science fiction series, which he would defend on blood even though it has obvious logic flaws.

1. Pendant Lamp Globe Rim |2. Table Lamp Rifugio Copper |3. Deco Ball Game Newton Metal |4. Money Box Radio Antique |5. Wall Light Peace |6. Deco Figurine Genius Small |7. Auxiliar Table Bookworm White |8. Box Book Cosmos


In a bathrobe, he is sitting at the head of the table while his terrifying pedigree dog is carrying in the mail. Discussions at the table? Only adequate topics, please.

1. Table Lamp Square Wood Black & White |2. Red Wine Glass Black Dots |3. Deko Jar Versailles Rectangular |4. Ashtray Basic Big Chrome |5. Arm Chair Shibuya Schwarz |6. Deco Figurine Gangster Mops |7. Stool Face Graphite |8. Deco Globe Around The World’


Party, party, party! Everytime! Everywhere! As long as it’s loud! Type party animal is spontaneous and takes everything as it comes. You can sleep when you’re dead. He always carriesa spare toothbrush ready for anything, anytime. Favorite songs must be sung. Stand a round!

1. Pendant Lamp Mondphase Chrome |2. Globe Bar Disco Black |3. Money Box Ringmaster Gorilla |4. Side Table Mr. Penguin |5. Bag Miau


Sensuous and elegant, classic and modern – like the chilly blonde Hitchcock type. Untouchable, absolutely stylish and with an inscrutable mind, she drives people crazy, faszinating them at the same time. Ice, Ice Baby!

1. Vase Wire Beads Blue |2. Deco Platter Exit |3. Blanket Knit White |4. Table Lamp Glamour Chrome |5. Vase La Gema Turquoise |6. Cabinet Shining White


Unicorns, building castles in the air and an eternal love is all that matters. With a melancholy look in her eyes she dreams of the far, far away lands that seems so close to her, reading her favourite books again and again.


1. Deco Figurine Nude Sad Angel |2. Hanging Lamp Barock Orange |3. Clock Bird Cage Antique |4. Mirror Temple of Love |5. Lantern Al Andalus Circles |6. Deco Figurine Rocking Horse Nature |7. Cushion Applique |8. Carpet Outdoor Marrakesh


Conservative, stubborn – sometimes lovable. She perceives gifts as her social claim. Rather too much than too little, even if it would not have been necessaryand the lady secretlyblushes.

1. Box Loft Kitchen Tea Red |2. Clock Plate |3. Blanket Patchwork |4. Side Table Matchstick Copper |5. Coffee Mug Ceasars Palace |6. Money Box Bomba Camouflage |7. Deco Figurine Grandma Dog Flock |8. Carpet Orient Vintage





Picture Action Comics 100×100

Ashtray Basic Big Chrome

Quilt Patchwork 155x220cm

Hanging Lamp Barock Orange 5 Lights

Carpet Orient Vintage 170x240cm

Deco Ball Game Newton Metal

Clock Bird Cage Antique

Table Lamp Rifugio Copper

Wall Light Peace 13-lite

Vase Orient Red-Purple

Deco Jar Versailles Rectangular

Frame Diamond Rainbow 13x18cm

Blanket Knit White 100x150cm

Money Box Radio Antique

Ashtray Lips

Pendant Lamp Globe Rim Ø32cm

Wall Light Love Red LED

Table Lamp Square Wood Black & White 46cm

Lantern Al Andalus Circles

Deco Figurine Rocking Horse Nature

Bag Miau

Cushion Applique 35x55cm

Red Wine Glass Black Dots

Deco Figurine Gangster Mops


































Deco Plate Sign

Deco Platter Exit

Carpet Outdoor Marrakesh 120x180cm

Deco Figurine Grandma Dog Flock

Money Box Ringmaster Gorilla

Deco Figurine Genius Small














Coffee Mug Ceasars Palace (2-Set)

Deco Figurine Nude Sad Angel

Cushion Cartoon Pow 35x35cm

Box Book Cosmos (2/Set)

Deco Globe Around The World

Vase La Gema Turqouise 50cm

Table Lamp Glamour Chrome

Standing Mirror Baroque Gold

Auxiliar Table Bookworm White

Cabinet Shining White 6Drw

Side Table Eule White Ø25cm



















Mini Cabinet Battery 4 Drw

Side Table Matchstick Copper Ø49cm

Arm Chair Saloon Pink

Stool Hamburger

Globe Bar Disco Black












Arm Chair Shibuya Black

Stool Face Graphite

K&F Deco Playhouse Little Farm

Mirror Temple of Love 106x66cm

Bottle Holder Open Bottle Pink

Side Table Mr. Penguin Ø33cm



The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

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