Furnishing Trends 2020

20. January 2020

Feel-good furnishing is the topic of the hour


Whether it’s tidy and modern, eccentric and opulent or natural and romantic, furnishing trends have never been as numerous and diverse as at the start of the 2020 international furniture fair season. At the same time the importance of our own home as a place for echarging our physical and mental batteries is growing. More than any other brand Kare presents an extensive variety of styles and individual furnishing ideas, because with its 200 shops worldwide the company’s mission is to put the fun into furnishing! By offering creative solutions featuring an infinite range of furniture, lighting and accessories and above all concrete, harmonious interior arrangements, the global furniture brand helps people all around the world to solve the dilemma of finding their personal dream look among the huge variety of available trends. For 2020 Kare’s trend scouts have identified three new directions: Masterpieces made to last – pieces which will remain your favourites for ever, Poetic Spirit – poetry for the home, and Charming Modern – clear lines meet charming companions. These trends make furnishing both enjoyable and uncomplicated, because they can be mixed and matched in lots of different ways.



Masterpieces: unusual statement furniture that lasts



Going beyond classics, Kare develops striking statement pieces that do more than just represent a trend: they stand out thanks to materials such as recycled wood, craftsmanship that survives generations and unique design. The result is expressed in, for example, hand painted chests of drawers and metallic sideboards which immediately become the focal point of the room and create identity like no other piece of furniture.




Poetry in the living room



Poetic Spirit consists of floral prints on armchairs, butterfly mirrors on the wall, beetle figures as table decorations and monkeys as table lamps – these are the references to nature that create a feel-good ambiance and express our attachment to our planet. Their application is not bound to any particular style, and these easy-care flat mates get along just as well with cocktail chairs in pastel as with the Masterpiece sideboard in a modern, black and white mosaic design.



Charming Modern: a neat and tidy look can be fun



Whether it’s the popularity of the Japanese tidying-up expert Marie Kondo or the lack of space in inner-city apartments: in interior design, unadorned rooms and clean lines in furniture design are making a come-back. Graphically styled black shelves and side tables or a furniture collection in the Japanese look lend clarity to the ambiance. Ethnic elements or fresh spring colors can then be added to the pure look of these rooms as balm for the souls of their occupants.




The new products are a plea for sensuousness, boldness and individuality in furnishing. Kare’s furniture makers have the perfect inspirations that go well beyond mass-produced furniture without individual identity, combined with solutions for living rooms and the like that are guaranteed to enhance every home. Kare’s compact interior design ideas transform the subject of furnishing from a burden into a pleasure and – regardless of whether it’s in a small apartment or a large family house – captivate with their look and feel.



The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.