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The KARE furnishing trends of 2019

18. January 2019

The new products of the successful trend makers are a plea for sensuousness, boldness and individuality in furnishing. With spectacular furniture, lights and accessories the dazzling KARE brand creates an unmistakable look well beyond the mainstream.

What distinguishes KARE’s 2019 furnishing ideas is a diverse mix of styles that breaks all the rules.

For example, an Art Deco sofa is allied with a Mid-century chest of drawers, while a tulip foot table in the natural style and Pop Art objects meets classic lounge chairs.

Living rooms and other spaces are enriched with personal statements – the result is an eclectic mix of styles, a collage of the times and individual life situations.

Read along to discover KARE’s furnishing trends of 2019!

Soothing to the soul in the living room: Urban Nature

The foundation is the enthusiasm for furnishing with nature. Love of the countryside and chalet magic were the first important manifestations, but now the natural style of furnishing is becoming more cosmopolitan, more casual and lighter.

Light-coloured wood looks best in its natural, only slightly smoothed state, and is combined harmoniously with materials such as basketware and rattan – preferably woven and braided. Not heavy, but airy, in light shades with a few touches of colour.

Glass accessories and simple brass frames surrounding round mirrors create a modern and cool twist. Freshness is contributed by features such as a white lacquered table with a tulip foot.

Urban Nature soothes the soul and invites you to walk barefoot as if you were on the beach, except that you’re at home, walking on wool and cotton carpets in sandy tones with discreet ethnic patterns. Last but not least, this trend shows an appreciation of the craftsmanship whose traces can be seen in many Urban Nature pieces.


Sensuousness for the terraced house: Soft Glam

Showy pieces are frowned upon – instead, the shooting star in living rooms and dining rooms is soft glamour, elegant, casual and unobtrusive. Features such as brass-coloured pedestals don’t just signal prestige, they also bring a warm glow into the home.

The brilliant comeback of warm metal tones and velvet as a favourite material express the desire for sensuousness. It is reflected in elegant designs, soft-feeling materials and the warm, sunny rays of shimmering metals.

Instead of elaborate chandeliers, interstellar-looking lamps with glass spheres in a satin finish float above the dining table on matt, brass-coloured rods. Here you will find comfortably upholstered chairs with a cuddly soft cover in shades of dark blue and green that would be at home in a five-star restaurant.

Soft Glam focuses on high-quality statement furniture that can survive more than a single season. The window sill and the sideboard become the stage for individual, often large-sized decorative objects with an artistic touch, such as hand-welded geometric objects on a marble plinth.

The salon idea revived: Retro Elegance

Art or practical cabinet furniture? The fronts of the straight-lined sideboard “Oxy” look like an abstract painting in oxidised metal colours. This handcrafted furniture is a key piece in the stylish furnishing world of Retro Elegance, where the best Mid-century design feels at home and which makes a surprising connection with the wealth of Art Deco forms.

Furniture, lamps and accessories make you think of art-loving people who turn their home into a modern salon where they can discuss with friends about art events and new jazz hits.

Elegant, neutral tones from grey to brown, leather, velvet, dark wood and transparent features in glass combined with armchairs, console tables with a grey stone top and solid wooden furniture. On the chest of drawers an abstract oil painting leans against the wall, accompanied by a collection of ceramics and glass vessels. In between sits a charming armadillo – a lifelike replica in warm shades of bronze.

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