15. April 2016

Helpful hints and useful tricks for summer furnishing ideas from our stylists will bring the anticipation of summer into your home. Our flights to the sun have already been booked, we’ve bought our espadrilles and colourful tunics for the beach club and we’re looking forward to our holiday in the sun with the blue and turquoise of the sea. After the spring cleaning and tidying up it’s time to give our home a fresh summer look.


1. Arm Chair Santorini |2. Mirror Square Blue Oval 90x60cm |3. Stool Fischschwarm |4. Vase Tinta 44cm |5. Pendant Lamp Jelly Ocean Ø60cm |6. Carpet Circle Multi Blue Ø250cm |7. Dresser Limbo |8. Sofa Santorini |9. Bowl Blu Ora Ø12cm

Our stylists have put together collections with the names of Santorini, Capri and Soleil, which make us look forward to the most wonderful time of the year even more. Kay, head of the decorative team, has tips for you which will add that Santorini feeling to every apartment. “Simply choose a room or an area of your apartment and decorate it completely in shades of blue, white and turquoise. It could be the hallway, around the dining table or even in your bedroom.

This idea is ideal for all those with white walls, because then the Mediterranean decorative effect is especially easy. The armchair and the sofa in the living room are now shining white, a cover made of linen or cotton highlights that beach sensation, and it will also feel pleasantly cool on very hot days. New products in our range, for example, are the casual sofa and extra-wide Santorini armchair (1. and 2.). Accessories such as glittering mosaic stones on the mirror, glass beads on lamps, ceramic stools and side tables, or dressers with lacquered surfaces highlight this breath of fresh air. The Limbo dresser, for example, with its ship’s planking look in turquoise and white adds an irresistible touch with its natural wood.

And on the subject of natural wood, decorative accessories made of flotsam and fish designs transport us straight to the seaside. With their vibrant colours, bright vases or carpets contribute decorative flair which is full of character. And all those who would prefer simple to revitalise their decorations with small touches such as picture frames, bowls and plates or even a mirror, they can bring on the summer by simply throwing a cover in white, cream or light blue over their favourite sofa.


Dresser Limbo 2Doors


Sofa Santorini 3-Seater


Arm Chair Santorini


Mirror Window Shutter


Mirror Square Blue Oval 90x60cm


Cabinet Beach Club White 1 Door


Carpet Circle Multi Blue Ø250cm


Pendant Lamp Jelly Ocean Ø60cm


Vase Tinta 44cm


Bowl Blu Ora Ø12cm


Wall Decoration My Way-Beach 15x51cm Assorted


Stool Fischschwarm


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