The only thing that’s now missing is a stylish companion to the Spaghetti Chair so that your drink, snack or e-reader is always within reach. Light and portable coffee tables are ideal for this purpose, and it’s no accident that these are a favourite item for many interior designers, because they not only serve a practical function almost anywhere in the home, but can also adapt to an endless variety of styles to create a new look for your sofa or armchair. To accompany the Spaghetti Chair our furnishing experts recommend Mosaik Garden, a series of fabulously beautiful side tables and stools which are handcrafted with mosaics of coloured glass. Together with the Spaghetti Chair the round and oval forms of the three different models form a stylish ensemble. Tres chic! And by the way, the Mosaik Garden side tables and stools also form an ingenious mix of styles when combined with any classical cube-shaped couch.