KARE for Dog Lovers

28. July 2017

Try to imagine him, the main guard of the floor His owner, Jürgen Reiter, founded KARE with Peter Schönhofen 35 years ago. Dog Allen loves visits, and everyone is enthusiastic about him. As a Bonston Terrier at the age of nine months, he has one of the typical characters: Sometimes he does not listen! We […]

Tips and tricks: Original lighting for your interior

19. May 2017

The choice of lights is really imporant, as they may serve as decoration during the day and create a perfect atmosphere of your home in the night. What you may get for your aparment? Central light is the foundation Most imporant is the central light, which you turn on to illuminate the whole room. Today […]

Authentico, the immersion of colours and wood in your apartment

19. May 2017

Nature is the best designer in the world. That’s why the Authentico collection is inspired by the wood itself and brings attractive furniture made of two wood species, which may be easily and effectively combined with other colours. Simple beauty inspired by nature Wooden species of rosewood and acacia are characteristic by their patterns, which […]

Specific tips: Stylish living isn’t expensive living

19. May 2017

Interior design is like fashion. Combination of cheaper clothes with high quality accessories will create an original outfit,  which catches attention and comes with convenient price. We’ll advise you, how to complete your present furniture with afordable accessories, which will breathe new life into your interior. What is zen? First of all it is up […]

Black&White, the sensual combination in interior

19. May 2017

Black&White, the all-suiting and universal colours, are timeless not just for interiors. Yet still, they are not to underestimate, as this colour combination is in no way an emergency solution! On the contrary – for modern and elegant interiors, Black&White is the right choice. Sexy combination for your study Studyroom is a place which has […]

Shanti – a mystical story from India

29. September 2015

We love furniture that tell a story – furniture such as the unique indian ‘Shanti’ range, which carries us off on a journey through the history of India with the ancient carvings on its fronts. In the old days people in India built their houses from wood and had them decorated with wood carving work […]

Carpets – Tips and inspiration

29. September 2015

EFFECTS ON THE SORROUNDINGS Wether the carpet is flashy or calm it creates a cozy atmosphere. It is possible to completely change a rooms ambiance with the help of a new carpet. STYLE Does the carpet fit to the surrounding furnishing? At best a carpet should supplement the surrounding room in order to create an […]

Fresh Alpine Style

29. September 2015

ADELHEID Oh yeah. The name says it. Alps, mountains, rustic furniture. But that’s not the whole truth! With Adelheid, traditional forms are completely reinterpreted. Unexpected details and colored lacquered metal create a younger, much fresher style. Wood becomes metal and brown gets colorful: Pink, Blue, Light Green and Anthracite are the colors that give this […]

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