KARE for Dog Lovers

28. July 2017

Try to imagine him, the main guard of the floor

His owner, Jürgen Reiter, founded KARE with Peter Schönhofen 35 years ago. Dog Allen loves visits, and everyone is enthusiastic about him. As a Bonston Terrier at the age of nine months, he has one of the typical characters: Sometimes he does not listen! We therefore want to contribute this contribution not only to this family adventure, but also to all the dogs at all.


  1. The oil CHIHUAHUA


This little dog is just adorable. His eyes look so innocent when they look from behind too big ears. Hand painted Chihuahua Chihuahua is available in three different sizes, each piece is unique. The beautiful motif is blooming with colors, and each interior lights up.



A typical American-style picture just after the arrest. Probably every dog owner knows the situation when his dog is in the role of the accused. That’s why your dog immortalized in this image will be so sympathetic. Iconic design for dog fans humorously decorates your wall.



This elegant, decorative object will appeal to its unusual appearance. In addition, it has a functional part, it informs about the current time. The dog boasts a beautiful uniform with polished medals and insignia that he has very proud. A really attractive addition to the already existing furniture in the form of a dog gentleman.


  1. PERSONAL Dog-Service in English Style!

Your wish, sir? In English style, this dog is waiting for you to introduce yourself to your service. Magic decoration on the dresser or on the window sill. In stylish clothes and a 17th century wig she looks very smart and elegant. Baset is a race known for its pleasant behavior and as an ideal urban and domestic dog. A beautiful add-on that conceals a cash box for coins and banknotes.




An unusual table for dining or a stool in an apartment is an honor to introduce. The beautiful dog proudly holds the round glass table top and offers an impressive look. Every detail convinces lovers of dogs that this table will be the right one for adding a sofa, reading an interesting book and other inspirational moments by the fireplace. We guarantee that this majestic animal is clean.



Nowadays, your dog can live in luxury too. It can have a soft velvet bed and be surrounded by fine decorations and style. This bed is the secret of the royal family. Round shape provides an ideal sleeping space, soft padding is an extra pleasant place to relax. Give your dog the elegance of this pelvis, express your love



The Dog Observer is blue and full of curiosity about what the dog noticed through his binoculars? Give him a new home and find out! He feels well in a sparly heated apartment due to his thick scarf that protects him from the cold. That’s why you do not have to be afraid to stand in the draft. Or to the bathroom as a surprisingly beautiful figure for amusement.