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“Urban Nature” 2-beds Apartment Furnishing Set

12. June 2019

As we want to offer full services for our clients, even individuals, professionals, real estates and designers, we developed our project based KARE furnishing sets specially created for Marbella area.
If you just bought a new apartment, or you want to redecorate the old one, but you don’t have time to choose every piece of furniture,
our designers are assisting you with full furnishing packages with all the functional pieces in a design and stylish concept. In this way you could have your own design furniture effortless.

See our “Urban Nature” proposal, suitable for 75 – 100 sqm. 2 beds apartment.


The living room is furnished with a sitting area with Cambridge type linen sofas, and a dinning area with a unique wooden table with 6 chairs. The warm natural colors offer a quiet sensation, and the materials are mixtures of linen and wool fabrics with reclaimed wood, sustained by black metal legs.
The focus is on the wonderful mysterious glass pictures and also on the Kalif Table. A wonderful handcrafted masterpiece made of recycled wood. To complete the line, we propose also coffee table and side table from the same collection.


The TV is standing on a mango wood sideboard, with sliding doors and soft colored strings. The Candle Light, a gorgeous pendant lamp floods the room with romantic warm light which generates real feel-good moments.


The main bedroom has the focus point on the wall light lamp. An unusual furnishing object with twelve lampshades in a stylish mix which became not only a functional item, but also a piece of art. The luxurious upholstered bed with elaborate, all-round button stitching is made form velvet. (Available in many colors and sizes).


The solid sheesham wood in cubic design is one of the most desired collection: Authentico. The Dinning Birds Lamp is an exciting combination of different materials which provides great contrasting effects. Artistically designed birds are a convincing motif full of character.


This package includes furniture, lamps and accessories in the total amount of 19 900 Euro.

For more details about the KARE Marbella furniture packages, please contact our sales personnel on the e-mail address: info@kare-marbella.es
See bellow the products used into the “Urban Nature” design package.