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Decorate with pictures

16. April 2020

Decorate with pictures – bring a new look, joy and atmosphere to your home

Build a collage of your choice from smaller pictures, Painting Wall. You can make the design easier by placing the pictures on the floor first. Group the pictures on the floor and build the ensemble you want from them. You can also make it easier to design and hang by taping the image sizes on the wall. In a whiteboard wall, you can combine, for example, photography and graphics. Some unifying factor, such as frames of the same color or style, creates a harmonious impression.

Find an eye-catcher for your home

From the impressive picture, you can easily get an eye-catcher in your home, which will crown the decor of your room and create an atmosphere. The pictures also give you easy variation and a changed look of the room without changing the furniture. It is a good idea to reserve enough space for large pictures and leave “air” around. It also does not necessarily need to be attached to the wall at all.

Choose a painting to complement the color scheme and atmosphere you want

In choosing a painting, of course, the painting itself decides whether it pleases and delights as a picture and a work. At the same time, you can also find and select a work that emphasizes the color scheme you choose in the way you want.

Let the board emphasize your personality and your own personal style

Whether your style is classic glamor or urban loft mood. Bring out your own personality more strongly on the pictures. You can also pimp the current style of your room with a new picture and matching interior elements.

Position carefully

Place the center of the picture at eye level so that it is comfortable to look at. Also note the distance of the pictures to the furniture. If there are several tables in the same place, create a proportional whole from them.