Kare Accra is a franchise operation for Kare Design Munich. It houses most of the fascinating Kare collections in furniture, lighting, and home accessories carefully selected to meet the needs, lifestyles and expectations of a diverse population.
The search for improvements in all areas of manufacturing, marketing and consumer satisfaction is ‘a way of life ‘.
Kare Design continues to explore concepts and trends in developing new products that will become market leaders.
The elegant displays, the harmony of forms, material and colors and the products themselves bring you inspirational surprises.


With a vast selection of lifestyle products and lines we push the markets and offer over 1,500 new products every year.

We currently have a collection of over 10,000 products featuring a unique and consumer-oriented range of luxury contemporary kitchens, appliances, home and office furniture, children’s bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, lamps and a variety of furniture accessories.

Please visit our big showroom at Spintex Road behind the Accra mall or call us to be informed about our great OFFERS!!!


Here all trend addicts and style fans will find their furnishing, heaven, together with exciting examples of interiors from

customers like you as well as private insights into the secret wishes of some of our colleagues.


Do you have a shop and would like to have an exclusive, highly visible sales area? Great, because we’ve got all the ingredients you need, as the success of established Lifestyle Points confirms. The KARE Lifestyle Point is the product of our many years of experience as providers of a unique blend of products in combination with a modern and up-to-date presentation style. The concentrated success recipe for our KARE shops is also available as a groundbreaking service for your company too.


30. September 2015

EVENTS AND NEWS! NEW RESTAURANT OPENING! COMING SOON! RESTAURANT OPENING! ENJOY AND HAVE FUN  TASTING OUR FOOD & DRINKS! NEW EVENT IN A FEW MONTHS! WE WAIT FOR YOU! 03.05.2014 Hot news 2014: NEW OPENING! Casa Trasacco has operated over the past years through two modern stores located on the Spintex Road and in the […]


30. September 2015

To satisfy your desire of elegance and unique!                      THE PERFECT LOOK! TIMELESS AND CLASSY! YOU WILL LOVE OUR MOCCA LINE!


30. September 2015

Decorate your home with the color of the wood and more colors! Enjoy our FINCA LINE!   Trendy designs !….


29. September 2015

Give warmth to your home with our best NATURE LINE collection!


28. September 2015

Color your home with our wonderful CARPETS. Give personality to your home!   Colors, design and shape to choose from!  


28. September 2015

The modern gentle man of today. His domicile is stylish and he has found a continuous line. He loves dark wood, iron and leather. GRAHAM is his perfect match.     Match together the wood and the metal for a perfect elegance!


26. September 2015

A part of our GALLERY…


26. September 2015

  You are always welcome in our STORE ACCRA! The Casa Trasacco showroom is located in Accra, Ghana behind the Accra Mall. Behind Accra Mall on the Spintex Road Tetteh Quarshie Circle Accra – Ghana Tel: ( 233) 0302 82 33 22, 0544 33 23 32, 0544 33 23 00 Fax: ( 233) 0302 82 […]

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