Let your vase change the room! - KARE Greece

Let your vase change the room!

05. May 2020

As we always find time for the things that make us feel happy,

let’s not forget how to bring joy in our home!

Simple Tip: Flowers in the vase

Now KARE brings to you a whole new collection of vases to find the right one for every corner of your room.

You can easily put your order via email: info@kare-design.gr or call: 6979910106


Get that La Glamour

Vase LA Visible Price: 50€,   Vase Pineapple Price: 150€,   Vase LA Grey Price: 50€

Vase LA Noble 27cm Price: 50€,   Vase LA Noble 19cm Price: 50€,   Vase LA Noble 30cm Price: 50€

Soft Elegance

Vase Noble Ring Price: 110€,   Vase Oracle Price: 40€


Deep, Wide & Calming The Color of the year

Vase Moon Price: 120€,   Vase Romeo Price: 90€,   Vase Cesar Ring Price: 105€


These are just a taste! See here a comprehensive flyer of all items. Get fascinated!