Clean shapes and modern materials make a cosy home for modern design lovers. Scandinavian art of living with a touch of colour on walls and details. Popular materials: light wood, glass, concrete.
Furniture: straight and clear
Accessories: light and straight
Decoration: straight eye catchers

Urban Wood

Urban Wood is the smile on every customers face – a modern wooden mix for easy living. Light wood, soft colours create a cozy atmosphere. Fun details in a clean designed surrounding creating a modern twist.
Furniture: straight to softly curved. Natural wood surfaces, pastel fabric with or without pattern in Strong or understated print
Accessories: Strong pattern with pastel colours, mustard, petrol or other in-between colours.
Decoration: straight but full, w arm, elegant, unexpected.
Create a lovely home with some cool accessories for a twist.


A cool maritime summertime feeling, natural and adaptable look. A cruise through turquoise, blue and white creating a modern, Mediterranean laid back feeling.
Furniture: straight shapes, wooden surfaces, linen, bluish and white color range
Accessories: in white and blue, printed with fishes, spreading a summer holiday feeling on the shores of Greek
Decoration: straight and clear

Design & The City

Clear and straight structures, well selected for home and office. Furniture just like in skyscraper lofts, it’s all about the look, modern, clean and posh.
Furniture: straight shapes, glass, brushed aluminum in a clear and modern design.
Accessories: nothing playful, accessories with a clear design
Decoration: straight and clear decoration showing the functionality of design.


The fame of KARE living. With Gaga you will find the special GAGA extraordinaire ultimate WOW-effect. For the entrance of a hotel, restaurant, shop or even to highlight your own living space. Gaga is for every situation you need an astonishing highlight.
Furniture: Fun, Animals, thrones, oversize and curious
Accessories: All colors and funny details.
Decoration: Cause of the high effective design of all Accessories and Furniture the decoration should be straight and clear



Striking, dramatic and Rock’n Roll. Sinful indulgence, baroque decoration and a massive touch of opulence in silver, dark violet and black – from these components this world creates the rock star factor for your home.
Furniture: baroque shapes, surface in black and silver, leather and velvet
Accessories: Glitters and sparkles, all kept in darker shades
Decoration: overloaded collage style, brave and extraordinary decoration, everything is allowed for the rock star in every one of us – stay sexy!

White Diva

Divine, feminine and seductive. This furnishing world has a clear star appeal and will awaken the diva in you! The White Diva collection glows subtly in gleaming white. Multi-facetted mirrors and accessories sparkle with cut glass. Furniture is decorated with rhinestones and glowingly put in the spotlight.
Furniture: Mix of baroque and straight, white and silver surfaces
Accessories: diamonds are every diva’s best friend.
Decoration: straight but full, extravagant and female, lots of mirrors will help you create a sexy and high-end look


Decisively cosmopolitan, timeless and elegant. This range for connoisseurs and decision-makers takes stylistic elements from the Art Deco and Bauhaus movements, and uses luxurious black as a color statement.
Furniture: straight lines, classical look, grey velvet fabrics, black and silver metal surfaces
Accessories: silver, black and white with a high end look from the beginning of the 20th century
Decoration: straight and clear, square shapes, male, mysterious, powerful


Warm and cosy, high end material and sensual shapes: medium brown look, golden and copper metals, glass and mirrors shape a world of luxurious cosyness. Everything is elegant and smells like luxury. All shades of brown and metal are welcome.
Furniture: Softly curved shapes, leather, copper and wood surface
Accessories: copper and brow n articles, some with a touch of warm colors
Decoration: relaxed, down to earth decoration, more high end but natural based in shape and style, straight but full


Sensual luxury atmosphere, connected to the stages of the world. Glam will rock your home like a gleaming light in the dark. Gold and white, black and silver combined with hints to the hippest places in town creating extraordinary living style
Furniture: baroque, but also just softly curved shapes. Surface in black and silver, gold and mirror, pearl and champagne, leather and velvet as well as white marble
Accessories: High end in gold and silver, some with a twist to the world of stars and cool fashion

60s Cocktail

Discover the taste of elegant living. The high-end and individual cocktail lounge is created with different but well matching „off- colors“. It is a homage to the unforgettable icons of the 60s.
Furniture: straight lines, smooth surface
Accessories: less is more. Bigger accessories to create an adult luxurious surrounding
Decoration: straight and clear with a touch of pastel color

White Romantic

Here is told a wonderful fairy tale. Like in a land over the rainbow, animals come to life. It is playful in pastel color, female, petit but also modern. Feel the love of the detailed furniture.
Furniture: baroque shapes, surface in white and pastel and detailed add-ons
Accessories: softly colored accessories underlining a rambling tee time conversation
Decoration: straight but full of article creating a cosy romantic ambience


White Nature

A cool, natural and adaptable look for all those who like to combine coolness with loveable pieces. Wooden furniture with detailed carvings or natural shapes bring a fresh and light breeze. This classic trendshow steadily allows you to discover something new.
Furniture: straight shapes, wooden surfaces and light, reserved colors
Accessories: in white and pastel, natural material
Decoration: straight and clear, creates a soft back-to-the-roots feeling while staying modern


The longing for nature and calm within our own four walls is the ‘Elements’ furnishing theme world, which places roughly hewn materials in a modern and elegant context. ‘Elements’ generates associations with archaic landscapes and derives its vitality from the exciting juxtaposition of wood with glass and metal.
Furniture: Straight and clear forms, leather, stone and wood surface mixed together
Accessories: By nature inspired
Decoration: Straight and clear decoration puts the surfaces in the main context.

French Bistro

The feeling of a fresh and modern café with oak furniture and industrial pieces. Not too vintage and flea market-style but with a light and clean touch with fancy ceramics and Café house decoration. Belgian style meets French atmosphere.
Furniture: Softly curved shapes but mostly straight with playful details, leather and metal combinations
Accessories: Porcelain, terracotta and wooden article, some with a touch of warm colors, some with different patterns.
Decoration: Straight and clear, it´s a bistro

Finca Style

A garden to live in. This warm-hearted collection brings cheerfulness, holiday sensations and vibrant „joie de vivre “into your home. Life is joy and this is the way to express these feelings.
Furniture: straight shapes, various patterned, always playful, mix-match pattern
Accessories: create a romantic and stylish compilation of colorful accessories
Decoration: collage overloaded, let it flow and fly like a garden of color and patterns

Wild at Home

The modern Mountain Loft – a mixture of natural colors of materials. Leather meets cow-skin, Wood meets iron. Walls and floor are kept raw. Accessories can be all types of animal – shaped articles, the light is low and the atmosphere is cozy.
Furniture: Straight and clear, wood carved outlines with details of fur and vintage leather
Accessories: Soft and cool accessories in farmer style, animal motifs make funny details
Decoration: straight but full. The impression of a mountain chalet, a southern finca or a Mexican country house is created.

Industrial Loft

A mirror for our times in which the formal treasury of industrial architecture merges with the new spirit of the times. This collection creates and incomparable style mix consisting of the London Loft, the creative New York atelier and Parisian café idyll. Old wood and metal are recycled and reborn as the materials for unique trend
furniture. Industrial loft is a mix and match at its best.
Furniture: straight and softly curved; different material and shapes in brown wood and metal extended with calm colors
Accessories: add modern accessories to create a modern but cosy style
Decoration: Straight and clean; mix-match combination in flea market-style create a crazy collector’s home with different colors based in cosy ambiance

Cigar Lounge

Warm, exclusive and imperishable. Natural woods in dark colors and worked by expert craftsmen combine with lovingly tanned leather, partly styled with buttons, to generate an intimate atmosphere of well-being and the cultivated atmosphere of the British gentlemen’s club.
Furniture: softly curved shapes, leather surface with high end fittings and rivets, colors straight but calm in brown, red and blue
Accessories: the accessories are exclusive but cool silver and brownish tone in tone
Decoration: straight & clear to keep the style relaxed, male and cosy style


An adventure along the silk road brings 1000 years old flavor to nowadays. Warm and cosy, high end material and sensual shapes: golden and wooden influences shaping cosyness.
Furniture: Softly curved shapes, gold, leather, linen and wooden surface
Accessories: Porcelain, terracotta and wooden articles, some with a touch of warm colors or archaeological influence
Decoration: Relaxed, down to earth decoration, natural based in shape and style, straight and clear

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.