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31. July 2018

You look forward for weeks to the delivery of your new sofa, but when it arrives you’re in for a shock: it clashes violently with the rest of your furniture! And it’s huge! Surely it didn’t look as big as that in the showroom! And you measured up everything so carefully. So what now? Keep […]


20. April 2018

Don’t we all dream of the perfect loft apartment? Rooms flooded with light, brick walls, concrete floors ….. the full package of urban romanticism? Admittedly there aren’t many apartments which satisfy all these requirements. We have the perfect collection for lovers of the industrial furnishing style who don’t want to invest a fortune, but are […]


KARE – From Zero to Hero

07. March 2017

The unique world of KARE in 100 seconds? Not easy, but we will try! Watch the video…

The JAZZ Collection – not for the wallflowers among us

30. September 2015

Jazz ist not for everybody. It is the dreamy hideaway for kings and queens of taste with no fear of exaggeration. Heaps of gold and bling, a little bit of (imitated) crocodile? It is a tribute to the best part of the 80s, to Miami Beach and the best parts of Italy. Let’s paint the […]

GRAHAM – today’s modern “gentle guy” (GET THE LOOK)

30. September 2015

We found him – the gentle guy of today, the man of taste, who reads the newspaper, dresses well and owns a loyal dog. Does he drink Whiskey, is he able to cook an elaborate dinner? We imagine him playing tennis, drinking old Fashioned and collecting statues, he possibly is a motorcycle enthusiast? This is […]

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