KARE 카탈로그

트렌드 세터와 KARE 스타일 팬들 께서는 이곳에서 가구의 천국을 만나실수 있습니다.  이곳에서 최신의 카탈로그를 다운로드를 받거나 온라인에서 감상 하실수 있으며 또한 가까이에 있는 KARE 에서 만나볼수 있습니다.


HOME COUTURE – The Perfect Look 2017

2017년 까레 카탈로그를 온라인 버전으로 만나보실 수 있습니다.

The KARE Furniture Catalogue

Complete collection of furniture of KARE 2017








항시 놀랍게도 유티크 하고  색다르면서 전통적이며 고급스러운 가구 아이디어로 가득찬 KARE 카탈로그를 소개 합니다.

Unique furnishing ideas, unconventional and authentic, never boring but always full of surprises and with passion for design: this is what we have represented since 1981 – then and now. Harmonious collections, impact-making individual articles and objects discovered troughout the world are waiting to get to know you.

Discover the hottest trends on 108 pages.








아우덴티코는 단단한 쉐삼우드를 이용하여  KARE에서 소개하는 코지하면서 편안한 가구입니다.

Authentico is a synonym for cosy and comfortable furniture. Made from solid Sheesham wood with natural water-based finish and timeless-cubic shapes, all pieces will fit into every living situation and love to be combined with various styles.











KARE Art Gallery

KARE Art Gallery 에서는 KARE 만의 특별한 오일페인팅, 사진, 아트 프린팅된 제품들을 만나보실수 있습니다.

Do you know how can you make a wall easiest and fairest an eye-catcher? Properly, with art. KARE has a large assortment of various images , art prints , oil paintings, photography and sculptures framed. All these articles are now in a brochure.










와일드 앳 홈에서는 수작업으로 완성된 Finca 와 고지대의 삼림에서 영항을 받은 Rodeo 라인의 제품들을 만나실수 있습니다.

The Wild at Home catalogue is a synergy of our popular Finca and Rodeo collection enriched with fitting products. Finca our furniture with real soul – handmade with traditional craftmanship, comes with Rodeo – inspired by the scent of upland forests and the cosy warmth of mountain resorts our designers created exquisite furniture featuring solid wood and real cowhide.









KARE-Slider-Bright Delight2017-ENGBRIGHT DELIGHT

브라이트 딜라이트 2017년 카탈로그는 화려하면서 매력적인 조명들을 만나볼 수 있습니다.

The Bright Delight 2017 includes glamorous highlights for a big show, charming lamp design for trendsetters and consistent lighting series for a perfect look. Open a ray of light in your eye and make your light dreams come true. 84 pages present a theater of light with about 400 lamps – a pure delight.









KARE-Studio-Divani-CatalogSTUDIO DIVANI

STUDIO DIVANI 는 KARE에서 선보이는 이탈리안 디자인과 프리미엄 품질을 자랑하는 소파들입니다.

STUDIO DIVANI represents a sofa collection which combines Italian design and premium quality with individual production – at a really favourable
price. The STUDIO DIVANI workshops are located in the most attractive area of Tuscany. Here we rely on 100% traditional craftsmanship, using exclusively leather and textiles produced in Italy and deliver the sofas to Germany direct, without middle men or storage. This provides KARE+ with real exclusivity: we make individual taste affordable.








인테리어 디 럭스는 KARE 컨트렉트 비지니스 부서에서 완성한 세계적인 브랜드들의 인테리어를 감상 하실수 있습니다.

Contract Business by KARE Design

From purist and modern to elegant and glamorous, from a skilful mix of styles to consistently executed corporate design – the professionals in the KARE Contract Business department will design and implement the perfect ambience for your business success. The 68 pages of our Interior de Luxe catalog show successfully implemented projects in the hotel, restaurant, boarding house, care institution, shopfitting and events fields.