About us

브랜드 KARE 는 유니크하며 관습에 얽매이지 않으면서 전통적이면서 동시에 지루하지 않으며 상상력과  예술적 영감이 가득찬 브랜드라 할 수 있다.  1981년 이래로 회사는 전 세계적으로 유례가 없는 다양하면서 디자인에 대한 열정을 담은 가구들과, 조명, 액서사리를  KARE 팬들 및 전 세계 가구 판매업자들에게 선보이고 있습니다.  KARE는 디자인 장인의 손길을 포함한 매혹적이며 약간의 광기와 유니크함을 담고 있는 “와우” 현상을 만들어 낼 수 도 있으며 또한 평생 간진할 만한 애정을 기울여 만들어진 목재가구도 선보이고 있습니다.

KARE는 스타일 아이콘을 추적하는 다른 브랜드와는 달리 트렌드를 만들어 내며 그리고 혁식적인 가구 디자인 이러한 것들을 이용하여 세간의 추종을 불허하는 가구팬들의 꿈을 이루어 주고 있습니다.   대담하고 혁신적인 용기를 발휘하는 KARE 트렌드 스카우트 와 창조적인 정신은  색다르고 낭만적인 영혼, 야생의 스타일 의식, 그리고 자신의 집을 꾸미는 것에 대한 모든 제약을 받는 사람들에게 알맞은 가격과 바람직한 라이프 스타일 컬렉션들을 선보이고 있습니다.

Inspiration – not convention

KARE is an unconventional furniture company which strictly rejects run-of-the-mill concepts, operates strategically with a feel for the market and ensures continued success with revolutionary furnishing ideas. Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen are the guiding spirits behind all this. They founded the company as students, and as owners and managers they remain at the head of the company to the present day – working with passion, a readiness to innovate and personal commitment. As an international supplier and generator of change KARE is accordingly faster, smarter and more successful on the market.

We decorate the world!

With its own stores in Germany and Austria, 200 brand partners worldwide and 2000 trade customers KARE inspires cosmopolitan spirits and young people of all ages in over 40 countries with an enthusiasm for individual furnishing. In 2014 the company opened the KARE Kraftwerk – its international flagship store offering a unique lifestyle experience and the furnishing ideas of the future in a former Munich power station.

KARE Design GmbH is a private company with international operations in the fields of furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories. As a franchisor, wholesaler, retailer, shop-in-shop operator, contract furnishing business and trendsetter in interior decoration the Munich-based company has registered uninterrupted growth since the time it was founded.

  • KARE worldwide in June 2015: 200 brand shops in 40 countries
  • Year of foundation: 1981
  • Owners, founders and managing partners: Jürgen Reiter, management specialist, Peter Schönhofen, management specialist
  • Franchisor for the KARE brand retail system
  • Retailer with its own KARE shops in Germany and Austria, Flagship Store KARE Kraftwerk, Munich, and the Stierblut Men and Women fashion stores in Munich
  • Stierblut online shop
  • KARE online shop: owner and operator of www.kare.de
  • Export proportion: approximately 70 percent
  • Trade fairs: exhibitors at all major international furnishing fairs: imm Cologne, Ambiente and Tendence, Frankfurt, Maison et Objet, Paris, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Furniture China, Shanghai, Rooms, Moscow
  • Showroom: international showroom covering 2800 m²
  • In-house trade fairs: three events a year for the international furniture industry and brand partners
  • Purchasing offices and quality managers in eastern Europe, China and India
  • Employees: in Germany approx. 380 at headquarter from 28 nations, and around 1150 in the worldwide KARE network
  • Proportion of women in management posts: 40 percent
  • Training provider: Chamber of Commerce award for training apprentices, with every 10th member of the workforce a trainee
  • Central logistics facility at company HQ with over 30,000 m² plus external warehouses
  • Logistics centre in Asia for direct container operations
  • Award: “Shop of the year 2015” for the brand flagship store KARE Kraftwerk in Munich
  • Award: “E-Mail Marketing Award 2015” for B-to-C Newsletter by DialogSummit
  • KARE Academy: international in-house advanced training centre
  • Social responsibility: involvement in ‘Artists for Kids e.V.’ for the support of underprivileged young people and more cooperations.

    Date Fair (Hall / Booth)
    04.04. – 09.04.2017  Salone del Mobile > 14 / F52 + F54
    30.06. – 04.07.2017  Redboxx Days – KARE Inhouse Fair
    08.09. – 12.09.2017  Maison & Objet Paris > 5A / P164 – S165
    22.09. – 26.09.2017  Wiesn Redboxx Days – KARE Inhouse Fair