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독일 디자인 가구 KARE는 2011년 부터 아시아의 중심인 서울에서 매년 새로운 트랜드의 가구 조명 악세사리 및 퍼니싱 아이디어를 소개하고 있습니다.

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08. February 2017

THE FURNISHING TRENDS 2017 Written by Susanne Posted in Collections and Stories, Decoration ideas, Furnishing solutions, Inspiration, Inspirationen,Shopping-Guide Comments 0 We report on the Furnishing Trends at IMM 2017, the Cologne furniture fair: what are the five most important styling tricks for your living room, and what does “hyggelig” mean? Let’s start with the best […]


29. July 2016

For our anniversary we bring the world to your home – today: Rome! Discover secret spots of the city and lifestyle trends – exclusively told by our partners. KARE CELEBRATES 100 SHOPS WORLDWIDE! With 100 shops worldwide, KARE celebrates bold, surprising and highly individual interior design. Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen were students when they […]

GRAHAM – today’s modern “gentle guy” (GET THE LOOK)

30. September 2015

We found him – the gentle guy of today, the man of taste, who reads the newspaper, dresses well and owns a loyal dog. Does he drink Whiskey, is he able to cook an elaborate dinner? We imagine him playing tennis, drinking old Fashioned and collecting statues, he possibly is a motorcycle enthusiast? This is […]

FINCA Collection – the New Ethno Style

30. September 2015

We love to have such a unique piece of furniture at home, be it a solitary piece or the complete series. Finca is never loud or intrusive, the charm of lovely details and different surfaces speaks for itsself. We love to combine Finca with a light green colour, many plants and our belove Kelim carpets. […]

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