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We meet in a garden – it’s a very relaxed start to a day of impressions with Moira, owner of the KARE store in Santa Cruz. The meeting point is the Biocentro Guembe Mariposario orchid garden located a little outside of the city. In European terms the drive there by taxi is very affordable, and it’s worthwhile.

Santa-Cruz-Landschaft-BolivienMoira welcomes us warmly in the effusive fashion which is so typical of Bolivia. She talks about the local flora and fauna with enthusiasm and a love for her country and its people – for example the Amboró National Park in the West with its tropical lowlands, impressive volcanoes, mountainous cloud forests with gigantic red table mountains, forests with giant ferns and Andean dry valleys. Only 18 km from Santa Cruz in the other direction are the sand dunes of Lomas de Arena. “When I want to take a little time out and get away from the hectic life of the city, I jump into the car and drive into the dunes. Here you can let your thoughts drift across the endless expanses and breathe deeply – far from the madding crowd it’s the perfect place for me to find inner harmony and regenerate my energies.”

Santa-Cruz-Biocentro Guembe Mariposario-Bolivien

We sense the deep commitment to nature which Moira has in every fibre of her being, and are caught up by her enthusiasm as soon we enter the park. It’s a miniature paradise with huge aviaries for birds and butterflies, a breathtaking landscape with numerous pools which look cool and inviting. While we stroll through the park Moira tells us about the spirit of optimism and growth which characterises Santa Cruz. The increasing receptiveness of the country to innovation is attracting more and more enterprises to bring art, design and the avant-garde into the city, turning it into a multicultural hotspot. She believes that the quality of the available materials, in particular Bolivia’s premium-quality wood, is a huge advantage.


Back in the busy traffic of the city we drive with her to the KARE store. “Decoration is essential: we love decorating our homes and applying little details to change the appearance of a room overnight. Not only that, a piece of furniture can also be given more charm if it is combined with an accessory like a picture, a vase or a lamp. Radiance and brightness are also essential factors in designing a home. They can create a touch of elegance in any room, while natural materials such as wood create an impression of cosiness and warmth. It’s part of the typical KARE spirit to give free rein to the rebel in you – to take risks. Don’t simply go along with the trend, do your own thing and mix colours and shapes in any way you want – this will turn your home into a place where you feel really good.”


1. Floorlamp Manufactory | 2. Sideboard Memory Carve | 3. Picture Frame Art Cool Dog | 4. Picture Frame Art The Dog | 5. Armchair Tudor | 6. Table-clock Grandfather Wood | 7. Coffee-table Galaxy Grey

Moira goes on to show us her favourite pieces. Such is her enthusiasm for interior design that we ourselves are infected and begin in our thoughts to redecorate our own apartment. We round off a day full of experiences and new impressions at the Jardin de Asia, a restaurant with outstanding sushi and an enchanting ambience. “It’s not typically Bolivian, but you’ve still got plenty of time to experience that.


“It’s not typically Bolivian, but you’ve still got plenty of time to experience that. Be sure to try sopa de mani, it’s a Bolivian speciality – a substantial groundnut soup with chicken legs or beef, and majadito, rice with fried eggs and plantains”. When she sees the expressions on our faces Moira begins to laugh. “For Europeans the combination may be highly unusual, but no risk, no fun! Give it a try – you won’t regret it,” she says with a wink – and of course she turned out to be right.


Moira’s top tips for a visit to Santa Cruz:

Restaurant: Jardin de Asia – Av Marcelo Terceros Bánzer, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Restaurant: La Rinocanda – Km 7 Camino a Porongo, desvío Buen Retiro, zona del Urubó, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Bar: OGA – 24 de septiembre 242, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

KARE Store Santa Cruz – Avenida San Martín 554, Barrio Equipetrol, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Fon: +591-3-3435444
Mail: contacto@kare-santacruz.com



Start out to the hospitably Nicosia

It’s still early in the morning but the sun is already warming our face and we are looking forward to a city stroll through Nicosia with Myrto, Interior Designer at KARE Nicosia. Our first impression of the city is already a dream. Buildings from a variety of periods directly besides each other give us a fascinating impression of then and now. Suitably to this the busy and loud streets of a capital change into quiet and relaxing lanes one would expect in a small Cypriot village.

Collage_Architektur_Gate_Wall_GraffitiMyrto welcomes us like old friends and we directly fall in love with her open and fun-loving nature, while she guides us to the Ledras Street and the Phaneromeni Square in the historical center. Here we can feel the multicultural background of the city and gaze architecture from the middle ages. At Ledras Street you can also experience the “Green Line” – Nicosia is the only divided European capital. After those first sensations for us Nicosia-beginners, Myrto guides us to the Ayios Antonios market. The scent of fresh fruits and vegetables leads us the last meters and then a great, colorful picture opens up right in front of our eyes. We amble through the hustle and bustle and grant us some extra sweet melon and grapes every once in a while. From those grapes the Cypriots make great wine and two really typical Cypriot drinks, we shouldn’t miss to taste. One is Zivania, a grape marc spirit, also used for medical purposes, we are curious… and Commandaria, the oldest branded wine on earth, a sweet dessert wine. After this appetizing visit to the market, Myrto gets us to her favorite Café “To Aponmero” – The Secluded. We get to know the interior favorites of the Cypriots by our Interior Desinger and indulge ourselves an iced coffee and a sweet something in a great atmosphere.

Collage_Café_Cake_Bar_Food_Bar2“Due to their joy of travelling and the multicultural impacts Cypriots are very well informed about the design trends all over the world and established a cosmopolitan mindset. The mostly prefer contemporary design in a mixture with timeless key pieces.”
Myrto now leaves us for a client and we enjoy the city center and follow her tips with a visit of the Venetian wall and a stroll through the small and quiet roads of Nicosia. In the evening we meet our Interior-Cypriot at “Ermou 300”. We enjoy a Souvla and also try the Halloumi, Myrto highly recommended, next to the traditional Sausage “Horiatika Loukanika”. The perfect ending of the day is a cocktail at the “Lost and Found Bar”. Here you don’t only get the best cocktails in Cyprus, the Bar is on the list of the 50 best bars in the world. ENJOY :)


1. Pendant Lamp Beer Bottles | 2. Sofa Milchbar Honey | 3. Chair with Armrest Yeti Fur | 4. Sideboard Bel Air | 5. Carpet Origami Collage Terra | 6. Coffee Table Tronco

Myrtos tips for successful furnishing

1.    Function – Less is not always more, particularly in smaller rooms it’s important to give functional furniture enough space.
2.    A floor lamp that fits your style – The right floor lamp gives a great atmosphere at any time, midnight  coffees or a gathering with friends and family.
3.    Coziness for your floor – Your home has an essential ingredient: the floor.  Upgrade it with a stylish carpet and enjoy the extra comfort.

Myrtos favorites for a trip to Nicosia

Ermou 300
“To Apomero”
“To Patrikon” – On your way from the Airport to the Capital, Nicosia, stop by this tavern and experience modern and traditional creative dishes.
“Lost and Found bar“
“ΠΙβο” – local Microbrewery
Club: “WSTD” Club – The acronym translates to Wasted. It is modern, loud and progressive. “State” Club – one of the most successful clubs in Nicosia.