The ideal outdoor furniture is made from teak. With or without patina, teak is among the classics in the area of garden furniture. This beautiful hardwood contains natural oils, which makes it resistant against mould and insects. In addition teak is a wood which does not splinter, which means that there is virtually no risk of injury from a splinter – which is a real advantage for courting couples and parents. The weather-resistant qualities of teak also make such furniture easy to store. It can withstand summer rain without any protection, and if there is nowhere to store it in winter the furniture can simply be protected by a tarpaulin.

Perfect for combining

However, this isn’t all. If you decide in favour of teak for your balcony or garden, you can extend or combine your garden furniture however you wish, because teak is not only timeless but is also a match for any other garden furniture, whatever its colour or design. In terms of style there are also no limits to the use of accessories such as windlights or lanterns, and of course your favourite tableware. Here are some decorative ideas for the coming summer.

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DIY with teak

Those who are convinced that teak is the perfect material for their outdoor furniture but wish to enhance its unadorned look, can simply apply their own manual skills and design their furniture in line with their own requirements. Our Picnic teak furniture series is untreated and accordingly provide the perfect basis for a DIY project. With oil or paint specially for wood you can easily give your furniture a summery paint finish in all colours of the rainbow – making your outdoor area an individual feel-good zone.

Care and cleaning of teak

The furniture should be cleaned depending on the required patina, a silvery grey film which is created by the oxidation of the wood’s own oil content. After around 18 months without cleaning or other treatment of the wood, teak furniture will be covered by this silvery grey patina. It is a gradual process and the grey film can be identified after about three months. To remove this, all you need to do is clean the furniture with a soft brush or sponge and lukewarm soapy water. In order to delay the process of oxidation and therefore the development of the patina, after cleaning you can apply teak oil to the dry furniture.

No matter what care products you use, as a precaution please remember to test it in a place which is not directly visible.

The KARE Picnic collection

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