10. July 2017

When we move out onto the balcony or terrace in summer we of course want to take our favourite pieces of furniture with us! In the retro style our favourite is the Spaghetti Chair, with its history going back to tropical Mexico. Who actually invented it is still shrouded in legend, although it was unmistakably designed in the Fifties or Sixties, with Mexico as its birthplace.

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A design icon from Mexico

It was in the glamorous Thirties that Acapulco, on the sun-drenched Pacific coast of Mexico, became the exclusive place to be for the jet set, with Hollywood stars and millionaires getting together for glittering parties at cafes and beach bar. What does this have to do with the light and airy Spaghetti Chair? Well, legend has it that among the tourists visiting the city there was a French bon vivant who found that in the tropical sunshine conventional chairs always became uncomfortably warm.

Model: the hammocks of the Maya


The colourful hammocks of the Maya, which were airily knotted from ropes, are believed to have been the inspiration to the Frenchman for the design of the so-called “Acapulco Chair”. Ever since then the Acapulco Chair with its brilliant colours has populated both the patios of exclusive tropical paradises and the roof terraces of central Berlin.

We don’t know which Mexican furniture maker was responsible for actually creating this iconic chair, with its immediately recognisable design consisting of a graceful steel frame enclosing a radial structure of cords. Whoever he was, the fact is that in its colourful and rejuvenated variants the Spaghetti Chair he created is the perfect retro item of furniture, not only for the terrace or balcony, but also for the living room – as demonstrated by countless posts on Pinterest, Instagram and the most attractive interior blogs.

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Relaxing as if on holiday

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Thanks to its round, harmonious shapes and polyethylene cords the Spaghetti Chair offers superb seating comfort – try it for yourself! And then all you need is a “Black Mojito” – the hit drink of the season with its mix of blackberry purée, lime juice, brown rum, fresh mint and soda on ice – or perhaps a frosty cold beer, and you have a perfect summer’s evening! And when this designer chair returns to the living room it becomes your favourite place the whole year round.

Lots of design and decorative diversity at an attractive price

Because of its modern, unadorned styling it’s easy to redesign the Spaghetti Chair again and again with cushions, a blanket or a cuddly sheepskin – no matter whether it’s springtime, autumn or winter. Other possibilities are tone on tone in pastel shades or a colourful mix in the Boho style.

With a weight of only 5.3 kg our Spaghetti Chair is a real lightweight which can easily be carried outdoors and then back indoors again. Even in a small apartment this retro-item with its exotic ethnic flair is a perfect match for the couch, hallway or bedroom, because thanks to its graceful dimensions of around 73 x 88 x 80 cm (WxHxD) this popular chair takes up little space. The same applies to the Spaghetti Bench, an invention of contemporary designers for relaxed chilling as a couple or enjoyable barbecues and garden parties with friends.

Quality rather than quantity: unique side tables with glass mosaics


The only thing that’s now missing is a stylish companion to the Spaghetti Chair so that your drink, snack or e-reader is always within reach. Light and portable coffee tables are ideal for this purpose, and it’s no accident that these are a favourite item for many interior designers, because they not only serve a practical function almost anywhere in the home, but can also adapt to an endless variety of styles to create a new look for your sofa or armchair. To accompany the Spaghetti Chair our furnishing experts recommend Mosaik Garden, a series of fabulously beautiful side tables and stools which are handcrafted with mosaics of coloured glass. Together with the Spaghetti Chair the round and oval forms of the three different models form a stylish ensemble. Tres chic! And by the way, the Mosaik Garden side tables and stools also form an ingenious mix of styles when combined with any classical cube-shaped couch.

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