Maintenance Tips

Enjoy your KARE products for many years to come with our tips on furniture care.

General tips for wood, upholstered and leather furniture

  • Naturally, humidity and temperature both affect wood, leather and upholstery. To keep your furniture looking better for longer, we recommend keeping it in ideal conditions, which involve humidity levels of 50-60% and a constant room temperature of 20o For instance, under these conditions wood does not shrink or expand, hence preventing the formation of cracks. Understandably, keeping our homes in these constant conditions year-round is not always realistic or feasible. Should this be the case, your best choice is to keep the ambient climatic conditions as balanced as possible.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your cherished furniture. As unfiltered UV rays cause colours to fade, they will tend to damage wood, lacquer and varnish, fabrics and leather. Protect your furniture by keeping your curtains closed during periods of intense sunlight. Also, for the first few weeks, avoid placing any objects on newly purchased furniture.
  • Furniture should always be placed at a suitable distance from central heating radiators, air conditioners and other sources of heat or cold.
  • Always test cleaning and polishing products on a small part of the furniture which is not in direct view.

Find more maintenance tips and detailed information in our “HOW TO CLEAN EVERYTHING” guideline.

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