Color up your live!

16. September 2016

Paint it black?

… No colors anymore, I want them to turn black… If you go with this Stones’ message we recommend the wall color “4320E noir d’ivoire” (evolved by the famous Mr. Le Corbusier). It’s a kind of warm and at the same time very dark black – covering everything permanently, for example the red door mentioned in the famous song. If you are a bit more of a positive thinker, this article is for you. It’s about the old story of what color suits which room and what about these stylish accents? As you might know, colors have a huge impact on our psyche and our spatial perception. So we can easily get into a better mood by bringing the right color to our rooms and moreover it affects the perception of the room’s size and the other way round – for example by keeping it more depressing and smaller with 4320E noir d’ivoire as mentioned above. This little paint job is one small step for man, a big step for your room. Very important is, not only to use the right color for you needs, but also to choose a good quality. We know you definitely do not want to have something non-natural on the walls that surround you, so the indoor environment deteriorates and open molds floodgates. Therefore, the right color for indoor paint consists of organic material, is breathable and environmentally friendly. At our flagship store in Munich, KARE Kraftwerk, we sell the high-end“Porsche” of wall colors – the poLyChro from KEIM. The company Keim is world leader in manufactured Silikattechnique colors. They have been authorized exclusively by Le Corbusier, icon of modern architecture (Bauhaus- you might have heard of?) to offer this unique color collection. We supply you timeless Mineral colors with unmatched color depth and silky lustrous texture effect. See for yourself at the KARE Kraftwerk – we have swung the brush and wrapped our staircase in a stunning color (Pssst… Could be one more reason to visit us).PicMonkey-Collage-gelbOk… let’s get to the kernel of the brute: What color goes best with which room?

We start with a rather unusual room. For some of us it`s even not really existing, it’s just a corner or niche with the size of a storage room. Got it? No it’s not the washing room or the larder – let’s focus on your home office. A place where you should feel comfortable, where you can concentrate on your work and let your creativity flow by taking a deep breath looking at your wall and feeling energized again. Drum-roll – we tend to 4320E noir d’ivoir! Just kidding… for your work space we recommend a brighter color, most likely YELLOW! The color yellow stimulates your spiritual energy and improves concentration, thus acts against feeling drowsy and fatigue. Yellow reminds us of the sun and allows us to activate energy reserves. Potential disadvantages are hyperactivity, greater appetite and aggression. So let’s think about it – the risk is to become a creative head with an aggressive mind and a fat body (Hulk?!). Just because you painted your home office yellow, you will lose all your buddies, your significant other and if you work as a freelancer it could even get worse (turning into this green guy is not really attracting). Then you better paint it black, although perhaps we should not paint to gloomy a picture/wall. The trick is combining yellow with white, this way you and your home office will be unbeatable, cause the effect will be calming (prevent us from becoming fat and aggressive) and refreshing (which leads to becoming creative, energized and so on). Nothing can go wrong anymore, Mr. Superman, in your little yellow/white office – if you go with this little hint: Never paint the walls to the ceiling, for the ideal color design in your room. Leave some space on the top, we recommend around 10cm. That will elevate your room. Especially in your home office not all walls should be painted. Leave some walls white (if you’re feeling overly excited, just rest your eyes on the white wall). Therefore we recommend the color 4320W – “le jaune vif” – a warm, bright yellow, from the series poLyChro.

Here you can you get an idea of your new home Office:

Gelbe-Wand1. Authentico Cuben Square 2- Set | 2. Authentico Cuben Rectangular 2-Set | 3. Authentico Club Roll Container 3 drawers |4. Authentico Club Schreibtisch 150×70 |5. Stehleuchte Calotta Chrom

For those who do not want to grab ab brush and paint buckets, with the right furniture and accessories, you can of course also bring the positive energy of the “right” color to your room.


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