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12. September 2016


For our anniversary we bring the world to your home – today: Vienna! Discover secret spots of the city and lifestyle trends – exclusively told by our partners.

KARE celebrates 100 shops worldwide!

With 100 shops worldwide, KARE celebrates bold, surprising and highly individual interior design. Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen were students when they founded their first store in Munich in 1981. They realized that the world of interior needed more rock and roll! Today KARE is in more than 40 countries and stands for unique interior design ideas in an infinite variety of styles. Beyond boredom and always full of inspiration.



Welcome to Vienna!

The capital of Austria still retains some shimmer of its golden times with extraordinary Baroque buildings, its charming historical princess “Sissi” spirit from the imperial era and the famous Viennese Art Nouveau. Until today, you can book city tours by “Fiaker”, which is a historic horse carriage. However, at a very high price. We opt to begin our journey with a walk – to the so called Naschmarkt. Here we meet the interior professional Andy Pietrasch from KARE Vienna. “The food market here is an absolute hotspot of Vienna and really multicultural. There is everything your heart desires: Fruit, cheeses, specialties. The special thing here for me is the flea market. It takes place on Saturdays before 18:00 h and it is an incredibly inspiring place for me. There’s really soul in it. Sometimes I see great pieces which send me right on a journey through time! ” We can only agree with that and Andy gives us an important advice: “A light and clean interior style with straight lines and only a few colors is flexible and timeless. In combination with a personal item, a unique piece or an antique treasure the look is getting complete and receives a really individual touch. So don’t hesitate to combine the reduced in style Italian leather sofa with a playful chandelier. Contrasts create tension!

KARE-100-shops-wien-worldwide-viennaAfter a few minutes, we reach Mariahilferstraße, one of the trendiest shopping streets of Vienna. Surrounded by stylish cafes and bars, the KARE City House is located in the direct neighborhood of the Museum Quarter: gifts, accessories, large dining tables, retro furniture and unique pieces of solid wood are only some of the highlights in Andy’s store. Come by when you are in Vienna! Andy is looking forward to meeting you. Now we are craving a relaxing snack and a good drop of red wine – because Vienna is the only metropolis in the world that produces serious quantities of wine! Andy takes us to Mayer am Pfarrplatz, Vienna’s oldest restaurant. Here, in the “Beethoven House”, the great composer lived for a while. In the grapevine-overgrown patio, we get a nice table in the shade. Our recommendation: A glass of “Wiener Gemischter Satz”! It is made of a whole variety of grapes that are being cultivated in mixed areas, but harvested all together and further processed. This wine is particularly diverse. A typical Viennese specialty, and it tastes very good!

As the highlight of our visit we try Andy’s favorite dish: Mohnnudeln!

The small gnocchi-like noodles are a sweet dish, dressed with sugar, butter and poppy seeds and served with pickled plums. https://www.wien.info/de/einkaufen-essen-trinken/wiener-kueche/rezepte/mohnnudeln


  1. Brooklyn Walnut Table 40x40cm | Brooklyn Walnut Sidetable 50x50cm | 3. Candle Holder Wire Black 50cm | 4. Sofa Lorenzo | 5. Money Box Skull Crystal Silver | 6. Pendant Lamp Regina Clear Large | 7. Shelf Comb Black 127x120cm

Andy’s tips for the ultimate Vienna trip:


Go visit our shop in Vienna!

Mariahilferstraße 5. A-1060 Wien | Cityhaus@kare-design.at | +43 1 5856211 | http://www.kare-design.at/


Ecuador – ¡Qué chévere!

Another highlight on our trip around the world. Visiting a stunning beautiful countryside that even fascinated Darwin. It’s one out of 17 Megadiverse-Countries –with a genuine love for Mother Nature, the protection of the whole environment is part of their constitution, and you will see and feel it all around. Despite its relatively small size Ecuador is home to an astounding array of wonders that include picturesque colonial towns, Amazonian rainforest, the spectacular peaks of the Andes, two vulcanos and of course the fragile but alluring Galápagos Islands. It’s almost indescribable.

Let’s start in a truly special town: Ecuadors‘ capital Quito. Fun fact: 2,850m above sea level it is the highest official capital city in the world. We have booked a neat and familiar hostel in the Old-town San Blas. With their great amount of churches, splendid palaces and monastery gardens full of corners, idyllic patios, cafes and museums – it is the most interesting of whole Southamerica.

After a great tasting breakfast we leave the Jumbo Lodging and drive to the center of Quito with both, rain jacket and our swimming suit. It’s kind of a wise decision, if you take a look over the green hills up to the snow-covered summits of Pichincha or Tungurahua. We take a cab, but you can also easily go by bus (1 Dollar for 1 hour). We do not recommend driving on your own, cause of aggressive drivers, poor road conditions, often long distances between tour destinations and car thefts.

15 minutes later we arrive at Miguels (shopowner of KARE Quito) beloved restaurant Achiote. We first have our well deserved Batido (kind of a great tasting milkshake). With Miguel we instantly go into raptures about the culinary diversity. He gives us useful advice, what we really need to try. Chicha Murada is hard to get used to. It’s a drink made of ferment black corn. But you have a great amount of exotic juices made of tree tomatoes or Naranjillas for example. When we told Miguel, that the food offered in the hostel really tastes great, but the coffee is a bit watery – he almost laughed hisself to death. It is irony of history that in a land with the finest coffee beans you often consume instant coffee, most in the countryside. The diversity of the landscape also reflects in the multifariously food. On the one side you have the Andes, Miguel tells, where the local population favours corn and potatoes. Try Llapingachos (kind of pan cake made with potatoes and cheese). You might also know the popular Quinoa – also roots in the Andes. Miguel is quite enthusiastic about Ceviche (raw marinated fish or seafood), consumed in the coastal regions. We recommend to all Europeans: Cuy (grilled guinea pig). Enough talking about food…


Miguel takes us to his KARE Store. His breast swells with pride as we arrived at this scarlet, detached Shop built with love for detail. Fred greets us at the entrance. Miguel can’t wait to show us his personal highlight – the coffee table. To him it means a lot more than just furniture to rest your feet or throw your keys. He tells us, for the people raised up in his country, it is the center of all happenings. The family gathers around it, talking, drinking, eating – simply having a good time. You just have to be aware of the right size in comparison to your roomsize. Another trend in Ecuador 2016 are earthy tones and materials like wood, metal and leather. People attach importance to organic products, like deciduous woods, especially the dark ones are very popular. He gives us some useful tips for smaller apartments: use neutral colors (less than four), light (weight and color) carpets combined with glamorous accents in gold and copper. If you prefer it a bit more cosy – just focus on warm, dark keypieces.


1. Lamp Jungle Tre | 2. Sideboard Rodeo | 3. Deco Figure Sitting Fox | 4. CouchCubetto 3-seater | 5. Carpet Brick Orange 170x240cm | 6. CoffeetableHorizon 90x65cm | 7. Clock Old Town | 8. Armchair Cigar Lounge | 9. Lamp Knit | 10. Authentico Ladies Writing desk | 11. Office Swivel Chair Cigar Lounge

Miguels Ecuador-Tips:

– Hike to the volcano Pichincha: http://de.wikiloc.com/routen/wandern/ecuador/pichincha
– Restaurant Achiote: http://achiote.com.ec/home/
– Jumbo Lodging Hostel: Esmeraldas E4-86 y Los Rios, Quito – Ecuador. Tel (00593-22) 281 750 (nach Luis fragen). Email: jumbolodging@hotmail.com www.jumbolodging.viviti.com

Go visit our shop in Cumbayá!

Av. Pampite Oe3-93 y Antonio Salguero | Cumbayá – Quito, Ecuador| info@kare-cumbaya.com | Tel +593 22 2892481 | https://www.kare-design.com/ec/en/



KARE-100shops-panama-shopfrontYou are so beautiful, Panama!

We would like to introduce to a City that won our hearts instantly: Panama City, or Casco Viejo, to be precises – which means Old City. This is where the historic part of Panama is located, whose structures are in major parts trackable back to the 19th century. Its origins are located way more back, but after some pirate attacks in the 17th century, apart from some murals not much is left. Since 1997 the Old City is UNESCO heritage. We think: this title is well deserved!

On our relaxing walk through the streets we immediately fall in love with the charming, renovated building, and cannot decide on what to take pictures of first. The facades in colonial style are splendidly decorated and the windows have the typical round arches. What a fantastic picture!


We have arranged to meet Paolo, KARE Panama’s shop manager. Unfortunately there are no house numbers, that is why it takes us some minutes to find the ice cream parlor called La Michoacana located in Av. B. – but in Panama time is running a bit slower, so Paolo is not angry at us when we arrive a little late. And that gelato is delicious! Paolo explains that this is one of the best places to eat ice cream – 100% natural and homemade.

KARE-Panama-icecream-travelLa Michoacana is originally from Mexico and kind of an ice-cream-branch, consisting of a network of regional family-run businesses. The key to success! Refreshed and relaxed we continue our walk: around the corner at Calle 8a Este there is a flea market we are heading to.

By the way: we don’t consider ourselves souvenir-hunters, but in Via Veneto, at lovely lady Flory Saltzman’s, we can admire handicraft made by various indigenous people, and they are even ready to be bought: Handmade baskets, traditional necklaces – called “Chaquiras”- und the famous “Molas”: the detail-heavy embroideries on rectangular pieces of fabric, which are produced to ornate cushions, bags and items of clothing. The lady even has her own little online shop where you can order the beautiful pieces to be shipped to your home! https://www.florymola.com/

On our way back we grab a bite to eat. Paolo recommends “Carimañolas”: Fried manioc made from yucca roots is being filled with meat, cheese and boiled eggs. Yummy finger food for on the go!

Apropos on the go: Panama’s infrastructure is very well developed, you can go everywhere by bus. If you don’t feel like staying in the city, you could take the bus to go to Santa Catalina and walk to a dreamlike sandy beach from there. Pure nature and almost deserted!


Our next destination is Paolo’s KARE Shop. We are inspired: on two levels you can admire designer furniture. Paolo himself loves to include natural elements in his interior styles: Natural colors such as beige or khaki and wooden furniture with unique texture are the key pieces for his furnishing dream. Don’t miss the glamorous factor! Paolo combines a down-to-earth style with golden accessories. An exciting contrast and absolute eye catcher! Out personal highlight: The Banana Vase! Smiles guaranteed.

1. Coat Rack Bush | 2. Pendant Lamp Pipe Milk Eight | 3. Vase Banana | 4. Dresser Hunters Lodge | 5. Cushion Leaf and Casareccie | 6. Glasses Gobi | 7. Bowl Network Gold | 8. Corner Sofa My Desire Khaki R | 9. Carpet Gobi Desert | 10. Table Wild Jungle | 11. Stool Jungle


Paolos must-sees for Panama:

  • Free city tours by Casco Viejo: on Fridays and Saturdays, start at Plaza Catedral at 10am, 10.30am and 11am. cascoantiguo.gob.pa
  • Restaurant Diablicos Panama: original food with folkloristic live music: http://panamadiablicos.com/
  • Tántalo Hotel: every room in this unique boutique hotel has been designed by a different artist from Canada. Don’t miss the roof-top bar! http://tantalohotel.com/


Go visit our shop in Panama!

Street Mall, Vía Brasil con Vía Israel | San Francisco, Panama City | info@kare-panama.com | Tel +507-830-6634 | https://www.kare-design.com/pa/en/




KARE-100shops-rome-shopfrontWelcome to Rome!

We start our journey through “Bella Roma” at a local scooter rental. Rome is huge and nobody wants to sit in a sweltering car! We prefer letting the cool wind blow through our hair. No wonder the Vespa scooter is a landmark of the Italian lifestyle!
Important: Ask for a stable lock when you rent a scooter AND use it!

We are starting out to Testaccio! The district takes its name from the artificial hill, which was created from a heap of non-reusable oil amphorae from the Roman provinces in the ancient times: The Monte Testaccio.

We have a first stop in front of the house of the brothers Volpetti in Via Marmorata: Their shop is a must-see in Rome: Here the finest Italian delicacies from the best cheese and white truffles to savory ham and olive oil from Umbria. The prices are quite expensive – but when entering the door the scent simply hypnotizes us and we treat ourselves to a piece of truffle cheese. A friendly man in a fine shirt with his sleeves rolled up advises us to go around the corner to Via Alessandro Volta, where the very brothers own a legendary pizzeria named Volpetti Più. In addition to the daily specials, you can get yourself some wonderful wines and handmade desserts here. http://www.volpetti.com/


We choose to visit the Banco in Via Ostiense instead: Healthy fast food is prepared right in front of the guests here. The homemade food is being served on compostable dishes – very consciously. And the prices here are very low – above all for Rome! Our tip: The burgers are outstanding! Have a freshly squeezed juice or a smoothie with it! http://www.bancofastfood.com/

The tour continues: We meet Andrea, the manager of KARE Rome. He also wears an elegant shirt – not matter how much the sun beats down, the Romans always pay attention to a certain standard. If you don’t want to attract negative attention as a tourist, try to look alike. “Yes it’s right! People here simply have style. And they love shopping vintage!” Andrea explains as he proudly guides us through his shop: “I love breathing new life to the style with modern design pieces. My customers get their inspiration here. I want them recognize the effect of each piece of furniture immediately. Each piece finds its matching owner here.”


1. Shelf Balance | 2. Pictures: Picture Frame Streets Of Cuba and Picture Frame Cuba Rallye | 3. Cushion Pomp | 4. Wall Lamp Parecchi Art House | 5. Sofa Infinity Antique | 6. Coffee Table Railway | 7. Deco Bust Golden Twenties Lady | 8. Carpet Fantasia Pink

Andrea’s interior tips:

1. Color! Dare it! Colors create a good mood in the apartment and revive boring areas. For example start with a new carpet! You will notice how your sense of space changes when you bring colorful accents to places you previously didn’t recognize.

2. Combine wood, metal and leather together. The mix of different materials is an experience for all senses and creates a cozy atmosphere.

3. Elegant accessories immediately upgrade every room. If you bring a photo of your home, Andrea will personally choose the perfect piece for you!


Feeling the anticipation? Enjoy some delicious traditional Roman antipasti:

Supplì: Fried rice croquettes

Blend some risotto (from the day before) with egg and some meat sauce into a mass and shape it to small balls. Tuck a piece of cheese in the center of each ball. Then roll the balls in breadcrumbs and deep-fry them. By the way: You eat the Supplì are finger food! Buon appetito!

Andrea’s travel tips for Rome:

– Street Art Tour: Through the district of Tor Pignattara – east of the old city http://www.friendsinrome.com/
– Culture: Tevere Expo. Until 28th August, the annual cultural festival takes place along the Tiber! Artists exhibit, there are live concerts, art and design workshops. The current program can be found on http://www.lungoiltevereroma.it/
– Flea Market: In Porta Portese. It takes place every Sunday from early morning to 2 pm.
– Restaurant: Industrial Eat. You can also have breakfast here! Piazza Alessandria 11 http://www.industrialeat.it/
– Club: Spazio Novecento: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 26/B http://www.spazionovecento.it/
– Ice: Gelateria e Crudo Mangiato, Via della Lega Lombarda 9

Visit the KARE shop in Rome!

Circonvallazione Orientale Km 42,600. | Via Medea Norsa | 00178 Roma | Tel. 06/72901353 |info@kare-roma.it



KARE-shop-miami-klausWelcome to Miami!

Did you know that the name of Miami comes from the Indian word Mayaimi? No wonder: It means “big water” and the city is actually located next to two rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

We begin our City Tour in the late morning with a refreshing beach walk parallel to the famous Ocean Drive. After our way past the most beautiful beach houses we reach Nikki Beach Club. Here we enjoy a nice Sunday brunch under palm trees listening to relaxed chillout beats. If you would like to eat here, don’t forget to make a reservation! reservations.miami@nikkibeach.com


From here, it is just a short 10-minute walk to South Pointe Park – the most beautiful spot of South Beach. Here we meet the KARE Store Manager Klaus with his family: “I love going here with my kids to watch the ships. We always imagine where the huge ships might go next. Here is a great place to dream…”, he says while he watches the water. We agree – wholeheartedly!


Our tour continues: Off to the Wynwood Art District! Fortunately Klaus gives us a ride – but also by taxi you can be there in less than 15 minutes. This neighborhood is an absolute cultural hotspot in Miami. Here you can find the perfect setting for exceptional photos. Street art, musicians playing in the streets and the stylish bars immediately pull us into their spell.


Later, Klaus proudly shows us his KARE shop: “There is barely another store in Miami that has such extraordinary pieces of furniture as we do. Therefore, we have many regular customers: If you got infected once, you come back!”

Klaus’ favorite pieces? He doesn’t have to think twice! His sunny interpretation of the retro style is an absolute eye-catcher as we are entering the shop. “I love the organic, curved shapes of our Cocktail series! This iconic furniture style is not just a trend, it’s a way of life!”

1. Mirror Sunflower Round | 2. Sofa Gamble | 3. Floor Lamp Saint | 4. Bar Chair Jazz | 5. Pendant Lamp Wire Diamond | 6. Bar Lodge | 7. Bar Table Jazz | 8. Coffee Table La Costa Triangle

His tips for the ultimate Miami look

– Clearly: palm trees! Why not get some exotic plants to bring the tropics to your home?
– Down with boredom. Go for statement pieces! An extraordinary lamp, a special table – such furniture form the core for an interesting look with character. It can be complemented with basic furniture such as small side tables and home accessories.
– Colors, colors, colors! The Cuban influence in Miami is not just a culinary enrichment. The city loves bright colors – whether gaudy or pastel. Those who would rather prefer to hold back in furniture, can bring the vibe with colorful wall paint and wallpaper in their apartment!

Klaus‘ recommendations for Miami:

KARE-Miami-shopBar & Food: Juvia Miami – from the huge rooftop you have an incredible view over Miami – worth a while even at night when the city lights shine!

1111 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach http://www.juviamiami.com/

Restaurant: For authentic Cuban food, visit the Versailles Restaurant! Inexpensive and a great location.

3555 Southwest 8th Street, Miami http://www.versaillesrestaurant.com/

Art: From 1st to 4th December, the famous Art Basel is in Miami Beach! If you are there at this time, the luxury art fair is a must!



Visit the KARE store in Miami!

KARE Miami | 3200 North Miami Ave | Miami, FL 33127 | Phone Number : 786-717 5000 | info@kare-miami.com


KARE-100-shops-mallorca-openingBienvenido a Mallorca!

Let’s start a perfect day at Mallorca and get surprised by the hidden treasures of the island.
For breakfast we will have typical delicacies: Coca de Patata, rolls made of potatoes, still warm and covered with powdered sugar. Dip it into hot chocolate! Or try Ensaimadas, sweet yeast pastries filled with pumpkin jam, with a cup of Café con Leche. Don’t miss!

Our island tour starts – of course – at our brand new KARE store at Santa Ponsa, just 15 minutes away from Mallorca’s capital Palma. At our store we provide all the ingredients to create the new Majorcan furnishing style. Furniture made of olive wood, colorful floor tiles, natural stone walls and upholstery in light colors characterize the roots of Mediterranean furnishing style. But today Majorcans love to mix traditional elements with modern living themes such as the Scandinavian look or industrial chic. Surprised?

1. Candelabra Chain Wire Black Big |2. Deco Object Aviator |3. Wall Clock Old Town |4. Side Table Country Life |5. Chair with Armrests Forum |6. Picture Touched Mops Meeting | 7. Cuben Square Concrete

Mallorca is Europe’s most desirable destination for pleasure seekers and individualists, and the internationality of Mallorca’s audience is reflected by the interior design of romantic old town retreats and rural Fincas.

Here is our personal tour for you:

The other side of Palma: Visit Es Jonquet, the historic windmill district close to Santa Catalina. Discover cosy bars and nice restaurants or visit the farmers’ market. Try “Tunel de Mallorca” a herbal infusion which is a traditional digestif. Take a walk around the well-known cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and check out small boutiques for shopping. While strolling around you will be surprised by the art nouveau ornaments at some rows of houses.

If you like visiting markets, take a trip to Santanyi in the South or Sineu in the heartland of the island where the locals and farmers meet in a layed back atmosphere. You may find nice handicraft between stalls with vegetables, fruits and livestock.


Are you more into picture-perfect beaches?
One of the most beautiful beaches of Europe is Es Trenc in the South of Mallorca. Six kilometers of natural, white sandy beaches, dunes and turquoise blue sea. Best time to visit the popular destination is the low season – it’s worth the while. Close to Es Trenc the Majorcans harvest sea salt which is very popular among gourmets pure or flavoured with herbs –and also a great souvenir.

As an alternative programme to the beach we recommend the UNESCO world heritage Tramuntana. The wild mountain range in the East of our island offers Mallorca’s highest mountain Puig Major with a gorgeous view, lonely valleys and cliffs falling away sharply to the sea. Visit the picturesque mountain villages of Orient and Alaro.

Rafa’s furnishing tipps

Use white to your advantage. White is the perfect partner to whatever style you pick for your home. It has the power to enlighten your spaces and matches perfectly to different colors and patterns.

1. – 3. Deco Object Cactus White Assorted |4. Table Invitation Round |5. Floor Lamp Calotta Chrome |6. Floor Lamp Five Fingers |7. Side Table Easy Living Clear |8. Chair High Fidelity White

Take a risk! There is always something inside you that wants to make a bold move, but normally you overthink it. There are plenty of furnishing options that will make it easy for you to take that risk and give your home a personality.

Fall in love with natural materials and let the warmth of nature take over your house. Wood is a must for every home. There is always some wooden furnishing piece that will fit perfectly with your style at home.

Our recommendations for clubbing, food and drinks at Palma

The Duke restaurant in Santa Catalina: Feel the laid back surfer vibe while enjoying exquisite food
Canlea restaurant in Calle San Jaume: If you like to try some new and amazing combinations, this is the place to visit

Clubbing: There’s no other place to be as the famous Pacha

If you fancy some great cocktails, you’ll have to go to Brassclub, no one creates better ones than the well-known barman Rafa Martín.

Visit the KARE Shop in Mallorca:

c/ València | 47. Polígono de Son Bugadelles | 07180 Calvià (Spain) | phone: (+34) 616.003.852 | shop@kare-mallorca.es



100-shops-dubaiWelcome to my DUBAI

Coffee with camel milk, the shocking pink taxis “Girls only” run by women for women, falafels from food trucks, winding old town streets – Dubai can be different. The former fishing village has become a giant metropolis in the Persian Gulf. Usually we know it as a place of superlatives and as a holiday destination with sun guarantee. The oil provides the endless wealth of the Emirates. Luxury hotels, giant shopping malls, the Burj Kalifa (828 meters) as the highest skyscraper in the world, artificial islands that will even get artificial snow one day – these projects are featuring the image of the desert metropolis. In Dubai tradition and progress is no contradiction. For example, when it comes to the self-determination of women: The city counts around 4,000 self-employed female entrepreneurs and more and more women rely on vocational training and job before they assume a traditional role in the family.


Nothing is impossible is the philosophy of our KARE partner in Dubai City. At now three locations in Dubai surprise the young, spoiled and international audience of the megacity with living ideas – far beyond mediocrity – in the Mall of the Emirates and Mirdiff Mall. The third spectacular, 700-square-foot KARE shop recently opened in the bustling Oud Metha district in the neighborhood of trendy restaurants, luxury apartment buildings and popular hotels.

“All over KARE” is Georges Meouchys credo. He is the always smartly dressed manager of the new KARE shop. “We in Dubai love interior design that follows an idea, which is then implemented consistently in each room.” Boring unit solutions are not what Georges means, because in Dubai the representative and exceptional character of the apartment or the house plays a larger role as in Europe.


1. Cushion Yurt Light Pompoms |2. Side Table Troy Oval |3. Coffee Table Cleopatra Ornament Gold (2 / Set) |4. Stool Choco Candy |5. Pendant Lamp Gobi Pearls |6. Bed City Spirit 160×200 Linen Natural |7. Dresser Chalet |8. Lantern Gobi

“With KARE we can provide a wide variety of different living styles that are always harmoniously, but never boring. That’s what fascinates the people here. When counseling a customer in his new apartment, the couple wanted a modern concept that should include oriental accents in a new design. Our answer: One of the opulent City Spirit beds combined with the Dark Chalet dresser. With its mix of patterns and the metal-studded body, it is a reference to design forms and handicrafts of our Arab cultural space. ”


Our tips for your trip to Dubai

# 1 Arabian Tea House Café
Authentic: The ideal place to chill out beyond the typical superlatives of the town is located on the edge of Bastakja district. A nicely decorated and quiet courtyard, tee and local specialties. The falafel is amazing. (Al Fahidi St – Dubai)

# 2 Zengo
For chic nightlife and as a part of Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort, the Zengo is perfect to watch the truly colorful folk for the whole evening. Close to the marina – with bars, restaurants and lounges.

# 3 The Food Truck Dubai
Get some fruit smoothies and healthy snacks at the food truck: An alternative to the luxury lifestyle of Dubai City. Check the menu and locations on Facebook and schedule this special stop in your sightseeing tour.


KARE Shops in Dubai:

KARE | Oud Metha Road (Dubai, UAE) | Tel: +971 4 609 7555 / +971 4 347 6882 | headoffice@kare-dubai.com

KARE at IDdesign showrooms | Mall of the Emirates | City Centre Mirdif | Deira (Al Ittihad Rd) | Al Wahda Mall | Dalma Mall



kare-100-shops-athensWelcome to my ATHENS

The cool, newly awakened and hip capital city Athens is presented by Alexander Galanis, a partner who runs two stores in the Aegean metropolis. This city is pulsating: Super chic cafes form an exciting contrast to the rustic cellar taverns – permeable clubs alternate with traditional coffeehouses. After the shimmering dayheat while visiting the ancient sites, the gentle breeze lures to the beach. Athens never sleeps, the creative scene is currently exploding and the proverbial hospitality of the Greeks opens everybody’s heart.

Alexander is one of the typical, bold entrepreneurs in Greece. With KARE he started in 2007 in Thessaloniki. His strengths show in unconventional situations: In the midst of the crisis, he opened his KARE Shop in Athens. According to our brand philosophy “joy of living” – a true sign of vitality and optimism. And the customers love it! Later this year, he opened his second shop in Athens – he was proved right with his idea. Alexander dieslikes nothing more than boredom. No wonder that his creed of living is: “Be experimental – that’s what brings life to the place! Dare to be different, get yourself a naughty piece for the living room – love life!” Just typically Alexander!

1. Cushion Tessuto 35x50cm |2. Frame Fischschwarm 10x15cm |3. Barstool Santorini Light Blue |4. Hanging Lamp Shape Colore Dining 5er |5. Floor lamp Half Dome |6. Deko boat Rama |7. Dresser Criss Cross |8. Pitcher Cascade |9. Table Lamp Dog Wire Orange

Alexander’s advice for his city:

# 1 Climb Lycabettuss hill.

Higher than the Acropolis, perfect to enjoy the sunset over Athens. Escape from the tourist masses and walk by foot! Don’t forget drinks and olives for nibble!

# 2 The Speakeasy

Small, hidden bar in the style of the 30’s – ring the doorbell! (Lekka 12, Athens)

# 3 The Art Foundation

A hidden gem in the heart of Athens: Fair prices, good vibes, historic atmosphere and good cocktails. (Normanou 5, Athens)

# 4 Romantso Hub Space

At night there’s rock concerts, indie films, theater performances and exhibitions. During the day, the former printing factory from the 1960s is a think tank for start-ups. You can also stop by for a drink at the minimalist bar. (Amaxagora 3-5, Athens)

# 5 Last but not least: Feta cheese

As much as it gets, because it nowhere tastes as fresh and aromatic. Honestly!

KARE Shops in Athens:

Design Plus KARE Shop | Kifisias 7, Marousi, Athens | Phone: 210 6844417 | info@kare-design.gr
Design Plus KARE Shop | Leoforos Alimou 10, Alimos | Phone: 210 9810040 | info@kare-athens.gt

100-shops-lyonWelcome to my LYON

With half a million inhabitants, Lyon is the third largest city in France. Design professional Sandrine Pouquine takes us on a journey through her two stores, KARE Lyon Préfecture and Lyon Saint Priest and she kindly shows us her favorite look.

Everybody aims to create a comfortable atmosphere in their home, exuding personality and style. But what doesvour specialist Sandrine recommend for the optimum comfort level?


Als Studenten eröffneten die zwei KARE Gründer Jürgen Reiter und Peter Schönhofen 1981 ihren ersten Laden in München. Heute findet man KARE 100 mal auf der ganzen Welt. Für uns ein guter Grund zu feiern - und zwar jeden unserer Standorte: Wir stellen Ihnen KARE Shops auf der ganzen Welt vor, zeigen inspirierende Design Hotspots und haben so manchen Geheimtipp für Sie! Heute: LYON (Frankreich)

1. Wall Decoration Love NEON Grid |2. Wall Decoration Office |3. Wall Clock Vintage Coloure |4. Sofa Franki |5. Dresser Rodeo Zig Zag |6. Chair Eastside Wood |7. Coffee table Radiation

The Coffee Table Radiation is a striking statement. Clean lines and an exciting mix of wood and metal give the table that certain something. Stylish decorative items such as the wall decoration Love NEON Grid give the look a fresh splash of color.

If you travel to Lyon don’t miss Sandrine’s shop: Her shop in downtown is built like an apartment – it will make you feel immediately at ease and you will find it intuitive to navigate. Priest, the shop on the outskirts, presents itself in spacious loft ambience.

After visiting these outstanding shops, we recommend a trip to the “Vieux Lyon”, the historic town of Lyon. It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and enchants us with ornate buildings from the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. Get lost in the traboules, the haunted corridors of Lyon, and enjoy the evening in one of the charming restaurants.

KARE Shops in Lyon:

KARE Préfecture | 24 Cours de la Liberté | 69003 Lyon | Tel. 04 72 16 95 43 | contact@lyonprefecture.fr

KARE Saint-Priest | 53 route de Grenoble | 69800 Saint-Priest | Tel : 04 78 67 15 73 | contact@kare-lyon.fr


The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.