Retro Look Made Easy: Check out our tips!

24. August 2016

It is not a secret that we love a glamorous retro style as seen on Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick! And you can get the look of the wild 70s, swinging 60s and stylish 50s for your living room with luxurious velvet and dark wood.
For our trendshow “Cocktail” we swept off the dust of the best witnesses for the art of furnishing in the 50s to 70s. Now we are celebrating the retro look with dynamic shapes and the comforting colors of the time of the economic miracle. Pick your favorite piece, make a color statement and crown your wall with a mirror in retro design.

5 easy ways to implement the look:

This is where James Bond meets Stanley Kubrick. At least stylewise – “Cocktail” translates the retro look into a grown up and fine surrounding. Don’t panic too soon: we are not talking crocheted tablecloths, toast Hawaii or toilet paper covers. We will guide you throught the design jungle with grace.

#1 Stick to fine materials

Soft velvet, dark wood and shiny metal elements in brass and copper ensure an exciting combination of shiny, raw, soft and hard surfaces.

#2 Colorful combinations with a twist


Turquoise, purple, yellow, muted orange and brown generate a warm and cosy look.
Tipp: you can orientate yourself at key pieces, for example the mirror sunrise, to decide on a harmonic color combination for your room.

#3 Clear lines and organic shapes

If you are finding certain shapes such as circle shaped lines in one of your pieces of furnituren, you can always revive this element in your decoration. This is how we put the rhythmn into the project!

#4 If you are really into the 60s, you will love wallpapers!


The wallpaper “Meander” by Komar unites a stylish and geometric pattern in muted colors and sets a statement of harmony, which puts the cherry on top of the retro look. You can find the wallpapers for the glam look in many KARE shops.

#5 Add your own stamp to the look!


Give your new old style a personal touch and decorate with thrifted oldtimer model cars, your most favorite Jerry Lee Lewis record and pictures of your grandparents in the 60s! And don’t forget the mandatory ficus.

Check out our retro favorites:

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