More room 4 you: How to transform every small apartment to a graceful space saver!

7. September 2016


A small apartment is no shame – we’ll show you how to make it a true space winner!

Tidy support, space saver and optical illusions

There are many factors that influence our perception: Brightness, structure and color. Use the following tips to make the most of your home:

Tip 1: Room division made easy

KARE-Kraftwerk-raumwunder-wandfarbeEmphasize the wall of the main living area with a solid color in a bright pastel shade like cream, mint or rose: A good piece of white edge up to the ceiling makes the room look bigger.

We recommend the natural mineral wall paint by KEIM. The special feature: It is free of preservatives, solvents, plasticizers and biocide. For this, and because they inhibit by its mineral-alkaline composition mold, they are ideal for allergy sufferers and children.

You can also use a screen to divide your room into various spaces. Plus: With a flexible room divider, you can hide messy corners during the spontaneous flying visits of your parents-in-law…

Tip 2: Windows like in a castle

KARE-einrichtungsberatung-vorhang-raumwunderMount your curtains directly under the ceiling. The bare wall over your window can easily be hidden with a cross draped fabric. The lateral scarves are far away from the window frame, so they don’t cover the window, but frame it like a picture.

Tip 3: Free surfaces create peace

Too much cluttering makes a room look small because too many impressions exhaust the viewer. Get rid of all the dust catchers and aim to stage up one striking piece! For example an impressing picture or a stunningly beautiful bowl.

Tip 4: Mirror, mirror on the wall

With mirrors, you can optically extend each room AND make it even brighter. Mirrors can be like artificial windows. Especially practical: Large closets with mirrored fronts – in everyday life, they almost become invisible!

Tip 5: Multifunctional furniture

A small bar makes a great additional work surface in an open kitchen, plus extra storage space. Use it as chic additional demarcation to the living area where you enjoy the evenings with a good Scotch. The bar lady skirt Trolley Vintage is a smart solution: With its practical wheels it can be pushed aside, when the space is needed for other things.

Running out of chairs having guests for dinner? Shove your new sofa stool over there – done!

By the way: Seating chests and coffee tables with storage function are perfect for all the things that you need quick access on occasion to without checking the cellar. Instead of letting photo albums get dusty in the closet, they can be easily stored in a seating chest – and put out in merry evenings indulging in reminiscences.

Our very favorite pieces:


1. Floor Lamp Parecchi Art House 186cm |2. Room Divider Square |3. Blackboard Wire Magnet Paris |4. Bar Lady Rock Trolley Vintage |5. Make Up Combination Diva croco white |6. Seating Chest Desire Round Velvet Silver

Now you got everthing you need to design your dream home! Come to KARE, discover more inspiration and take advantage of our professional interior services.

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.