MODERN BEDROOMS: simple, clean and open. - KARE Peru

MODERN BEDROOMS: simple, clean and open.

12. February 2018

Turn your room into a modern bedroom achieving the zen space you need in order to rest  after a long day working.

How do you design your modern bedroom?

Modern design is mostly associated with minimalistic schemes.  Simple, open, and functional are characteristics shown through a neutral color palette in walls, floor and bed, without leaving out strong colors in specific elements or accessories achieving a harmonious contrast.

Wood in tables and armchairs, blue paintings and natural greens create character and interest. Simple furniture but great design is key to have a creative environment without overloading it.

Clean lines and shapes, lots of natural light, and other simple accents remind us of a sanctuary. Therefore, large windows and open floor plans are not uncommon when comes to modern design. Choose your features wisely, your bedroom represents who you are and must say the best of you.