Winter Promotions KARE Lisboa 2019 - KARE Portugal

Winter Promotions KARE Lisboa 2019

14. January 2019

Winter Promotions, up to 50%!!
Until 2019/01/31

Decorating or redecorating a space is always entertaining and super exciting! With a magic touch, or almost, it is possible to completely transform a living room or dining room; a bedroom or an entrance hall a space so many times underestimated …

The Promotion season is an excellent opportunity to give a boost and a motivation to your creativity!

Until 2019/01/31, visit our Stores in Lx Factory or in Campo de Ourique and surprise yourself with our amazing selection with a special promotion!

We have a huge variety of home decoration accessories, furniture and lighting, with discounts of up to 50%! But if you are delighted by a piece on our website or in one of our amazing catalogs that is not available for immediate delivery, we offer you a 10% discount on your order! *

Sneak a peek and let us inspire you!…

Winter Promotions Winter Promotions Winter Promotions


Winter Promotions – Selection of Exhibition Items at KARE LxF and CO stores | Limited to existing stock and not cumulative with other ongoing promotions | Until 2019/01/31.

10% Direct on Purchase Orders – Offer valid only and exclusively for KARE items not available for immediate delivery | Value attributed excluding all services contracted and not cumulative with other ongoing Campaigns | Until 2019/01/31.