19. October 2017

Sport park Ortenau

Close to the French-German border is an inevitable station for all fitness lovers. Sport park Ortenau is designed to meet all the aesthetic needs of the visitors while providing maximum comfort to every visitor.
After the comprehensive renovation, Ortenau opened its doors for public in January. With a brand new spatial concept, a new dimension has been set up in the training system. Fitness experts have invested in an unusual interior that evokes curiosity, while activating motivation. It’s a place
to come back to!

The new ambience contributes to the feeling of satisfaction and constantly increases it. Here you think of yourself and your body, and it deserves only the best, right?

The interior designer combined unusual materials with surprising functionality that create an unexpected design. The interior is not cool and stylish, but it evokes the atmosphere of an excellent bar or launge. And the choice of furniture is carefully fitted to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. By the first drafts it was clear that such solutions should be included in the development of sports parks in the future as the ambience increases the joy of training on a daily basis.

he team of coaches from the beginning had a specific approach – to be less like a classic fitness studio, but focus on the individual approach to every practitioner. Personal service and family atmosphere combined with an exceptional and comfortable ambience is the key to success for such centers. The best examples of this approach are ressing room and wellness center. They are well thought-out and unusual, but functional and comfortable. And a special chill out lounge area will make you do not want to leave it …

Serbian Fitness

Serbia also has its positive examples of people with a vision of future tendencies, aware that the company’s image is in all factors. In addition to carefully selected fitness equipment and accessories, we also take into account the professional relationship between retailer and client, as well as the interior of their exhibition space. Interior greatly influences the general impression of customers. It’s imperative to make customers feel good about buying, exercising, or coming to your premises. For a complete mood, all the senses must be satisfied. The fitness equipment distributor DD Welness Solutions had help from the help of the architect Kare Belgrade. Choosing furniture from KARE will give the impression of the luxurious foyer where buying becomes pleasure.

KARE namestaj fitness

KARE namestaj fitness

Previous ideas that only a clean and simple space is needed in the fitness sector is overcome. Excellent service level and quality selection of equipment need to be complemented by a good interior solution. It has become very important that we carefully choose the furniture to make our customers fell good and to make the place they want to return to!

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The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

KARE Beograd

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