Do you need professional equipment and design of a business space, hotel, restaurant or cafe?

KARE will be happy to help you!

KARE brand is known for its philosophy that a fantastic and quality interior does not have to cost much. Any furnishing of the space requires serious commitment and spending time and money in the search for adequate solutions and pieces of furniture. That is why we suggest that you give the KARE team the opportunity to help you and offer you an original solution, following our philosophy: “More luxury for less money”.

Our representative is at your disposal when you need to meet the design task in every sense – whether it is a residential or business building, “contract” project when equipping a hotel, restaurant, apartment. From the initial steps in designing, through the most diverse tips to fitting the smallest details, related to the furniture, colors, materials, decoration. We direct all our creative power towards the functionality and aesthetics of your future business environment.

We offer designed furniture at an affordable price.

The furniture we offer provides an opportunity to express your individuality, make your space inspiring both for you and for everyone who enters your work corner.

Most of our products are made of solid wood, which, with adequate application, guarantees a long life of our products. The materials we use are made for comfort, so our furniture not only looks great, but you feel exceptional in it. A wide range allows us to tailor the interior to the wishes and requirements of each individual client, for any purpose of space.

The secret is in the decoration.

By offering unusual, glamorous and fairy-tale decorations and lighting, we have enabled each object to receive a final stamp in accordance with the visions and ideas for the space we are imagining together. There are ceiling, floor and table lamps which, in addition to decoration, have an exceptional effect on the ambient experience.

The assortment of decorations is divided into style groups. Have you opted for an industrial style for a café, or for silver elegance for a beauty salon, for the timeless gold rush for a restaurant or for Country style for a bar? KARE has great details that will keep your space noticed and remembered!

In addition to a large selection of ready-made pieces of furniture, we offer the possibility of creating solutions tailored to your space and adapting the product to the special requirements of the space.

Our portfolio includes: hotels, restaurants, apartments for rent, boutiques, wellness & spa centers, as well as styling various public and private events. With over 6,000 items, we strive to provide our customers with an excellent selection and unquestionable quality at an affordable price.

You can rely on KARE support…

…As well as the high level of service of our professional staff, because we cover the widest range in the field of space equipment with the support of all our team members and associates. The result of our engagement is the satisfaction of our clients who have been coming to KARE for years for something original, different, for a space with an identity.

KARE brings luxury into your life and helps you to tell your story, show your ideas and visions as well as possible… KARE is a brand that expects you to dream constantly and more importantly, get up and live your dream!

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The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

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