We think that everyone should enjoy their living and working space!

If you need help regarding your interior – KARE Interior design is a good choice!

Our interior designer offers complete refurnishing and adaptation services, as well as selection of the best suitable KARE products for you.

As a retailer of unconventional furniture we are trying to help our customers make the right choice with pickicking up the KARE furniture. The special offer is 3D visualization, which can help you to imagine how the pieces of furniture will fit in your space.

KARE interior design includes:

  • Appointment to clarify the terms of reference and to receive professional advices from KARE designer;
  • Client provides us with necessary dimension and photographs of his space. There is also an option of a visit from our designer to client’s place to define the dimensions;
  • Preparing 2D design sketch (plan arrangement) with dimensions of the selected KARE products. The project complies with standards of interior design and functionality of the rooms.
  • Preparing a 3D project which is carried out on the basis of the 2D project. This service contributes to the overall performance of the interior and facilitates customer’s choice. For each room are prepared 4 previews – JPG format;
  • In visual offer, our designer gives suggestions on what colors or wall and flooring materials fit with the furniture. You will also get photo-offer with the pieces of furniture we used for the design, dimensions, materials, delivery time, availability and price.
  • Preparation and submission of all technical documentation including:– A drawing of the entire project with rooms and their distribution within the required dimensions;

    – Plan with furniture and materials, also prices and delivery terms of selected items.

Category of services and pricing:

1. Visiting the place – price : 20-50€*

    • The price depends on the service included (only gathering information is cheaper then consultation on the spot). For places out of town we will make personalized quotation for the service.

2. KARE Deco – from 50€

    • You get design of one room in style by your choice in form of a moodboard. Visual offer is made of furniture arrangement, mood board with furniture, lighting and accessories, wall decoration, materials and colors to use, curtain suggestions, decoration,… This service is for everyone who wish to redecorate their space.
    • This servise is 50€ for one selected solution and for one segment of a space (one wall decoration, or livign room segment).
    • For 2 or more solution, or larger area, price rises.
    • Clients are provided with adecvate discount for purchasing offered items.

3. KARE Interior

  • Includes redesign of the part of the space or the whole space. You can only get furnishing solution or, if necessary, complete adaptation project. Visual offer is made of furniture arrangement, in form of 2D and 3D drawings and it includes furniture , lighting and accessories altogether with decorative solutions. Final project includes renderings (photorealistic pictures of your newly furnished space), furniture list with prices and advices for realization
  • The price is 360€ per room. But, for all those who want to buy furniture included in the offer, we prepared special conditions:
    • If the value of furniture invoice is higher than 1000 €, then the price of interior design service is reduced to 180€ per room and you are granted -15% discount on furniture invoice.
    • If you buy an apartment from one of our partners (Novi Dorćol, BWF, Linea Invest or Galens Invest), you will get a voucher with special buying conditions. Along with this, if you need an interior design service, we can offer it for 100€ per room, and we will grant -20% discount on furniture included in offer.
  • This service inlculed 2 diferent solutions. Follwing solutions are charged 50€/ solution.
  • Price for drawing details for furniture that has to be made by measure is 20 €/element.
  • This price is for spaces up to 50m2. We will make special offers for larger rooms or entire premises.

4. Price for arrangement and decoration in the finished project – negotiable

5. Special request or only 3D model – negotiable

You can come to us with a problem and we will do our best to help you make your wishes come true.

All we need are the dimensions and photos of your space and your wishes and demands. It is up to us to find the best solution for you.

And we will!

In short time we will make you a detailed offer with suggestions.

You can visit our showroom or you can write to us at vnikolic@kare.rs

We are expecting you!








Vera Nikolić d.i.a.


Mob: +381 (0) 60 44 88 750

Email: vnikolic@kare.rs

*Payment is made in RSD at the middle exchange rate on the payment date.

**KARE has the right to use and publish every image that client sends or every created solution for the purpose of self-promotion.

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

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