Inspiring work space

23. August 2017

Workspace is where the magic is happening 🙂

An ideal working space will make you will feel comfortable and everything will be functional, tailored to your personality and stylish taste. That’s why we suggest you make your ideal working space 🙂 All you need are the colors, the music for your taste, the greenery, the coffee or the tea and of course – the inspirational furniture for work!

The needs are different: someone loves the colorful and creative haos to inspire him, some loves mimimalistic design for better concentration, someone needs glamor that raises selfconfidence, and someone likes mobile elements to be able to work wherever he wants … KARE has a solution for every situation!


The design of the workspace is very important in order to maintain the maximum level of creativity and productivity. A creative and well-arranged work space works inspiringly and motivates everyone!

We all know that color has a strong impact on us. Colors of walls and furniture can affect our productivity and mood in general. Recent studies have shown that completely gray, beige and white working spaces can cause a sense of sadness and depression, so it is advisable to introduce natural materials (such as wood, plants, leather, etc.), as well as focus on colors that stimulate work, happiness and satisfaction.

KARE produktivne boje

If you are afraid to experiment with colors, but still want an unusual ambience, the right solution is gold, silver and copper shades. An unusual piece of furniture or a detail that will enrich the space is always an excellent choice.

KARE metalik-paleta

We suggest that when selecting details in your work area you remain consistent to the style and materials that prevails in the whole environment. In our example, you can see rooms equipped with pieces from the same collection.

KARE Moonscape-kolekcijaKARE Soleil kolekcijaKARE Factory kolekcija

After choosing a style and materialization for your work area, next step is also very important – the good lighting.


We spend most of our day time at work, and beside the top design for work area, we have to think about the space for relaxation, rest and recreation. Make it comfortable, inspirational and relaxing.


The space you work in is quite important for your brand’s perception. Your clients get a certain impression every time they enter your workspace and therefore this space needs to be refined with quality, strength and trust. If you are wondering how to be noted in the sea of the same work spaces, the answer is easy – get out of the familiar zone and prefabricated interior solutions. Emphasize space with an unusual piece of furniture and stay remembered by the extraordinary visual effect our furniture has!

And we can help you to create the right solution, in accordance with your wishes and needs of your business.


The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

KARE Beograd

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