15. March 2017

We report on the Furnishing Trends at IMM 2017, the Cologne furniture fair: what are the five most important styling tricks for your living room, and what does “hyggelig” mean?

Let’s start with the best news: everything in the home is going to be cosy and snug! At the most important furniture early in the new year there is consensus among the experts: when it comes to furnishing anything goes, as long as it’s “hyggelig”. This is the main buzzword at the moment among furniture professionals, interior decoration bloggers and furnishing magazines. It comes from Scandinavia and describes a cosy, intimate home which has a snug, secure and all-round feelgood atmosphere.

Hyggelig – how the new cosiness works

In times of uncertainty cocooning and homing are the megatrends right round the globe, with our homes becoming a place of retreat. It’s exciting to see how interior designers and furnishing consultants are implementing this new trend, because the new cosiness has nothing to do with dusty old furniture and bourgeois homeliness. On the contrary, this personal furnishing style is based on our own mood, the state of our inner feelings and individual preferences.

kare_brooklyn_natureThose who look for peace and quiet and wish to get away from the hectic and stress of the world in their own living room may well decide for a highly reduced, purist furnishing style featuring natural colours and materials, together with clean-lined furniture. Authentic materials like wood, glass and metal are very much at home in such a meditative furnishing oasis.
kare_desert_queen (1)

Purist or plush – the main thing is that it pleases us!

When it comes to furnishing a little kitsch, plush and glamour are the right ingredients for dreamers who give free rein to their imaginations in the living room or bedroom, on the principle that “My home is my castle”.


And of course it’s a matter of personal taste how you playfully create enchantment within your own four walls. At one end of the scale there is a patchwork armchair in pastel colours, at the other end a drop-dead gorgeous dresser with all-round reflecting surfaces.


kare-glamrock (1)

Why retro furniture remains so important

Regardless of whether it’s purist, natural or playful: the furnishing worlds of 2017 will always contain stylistic elements from past decades, starting with art deco ornaments on sideboards followed by the unadorned Bauhaus design of the Twenties to modern interpretations of cocktail chairs which first made their appearance in the Economic Miracle years of the Fifties. Why are furniture designers looking back to the formal treasures of past decades? Retro furniture and designer lamps symbolically represent an age before the mass spread of the Internet, a time when the pace was slower and the rhythm of the day was not set by a constant stream of emails, WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts. In the era of Big Data a little nostalgia has its place in the spirit of the times.