Welcome to the Kare Saratov!
You will be the grand opening of the world exquisite interiors, with the latest fashion trends in the design of furniture, lighting and accessories.
Forget about all that they had seen before!

We invite you to the extraordinary world !!!!


The main furniture exhibition in Milan Salone Del Mobile!

13. March 2017

From 04 to 09 April 2017 Milan will become the center of furniture design, it is here that the market trends and fashion trends for the whole year are determined! Salone Del Mobile is the world’s largest furniture show, and KARE will also be a part of this prestigious exhibition! Furniture trend of 2017 – […]


Collection of solid wood furniture Authentico

10. March 2017

Modern and cozy: a collection of solid wood furniture Authentico The design of KARE constantly searches for new and most stylish solutions for your interior. Authenticity. This is furniture from solid wood of the highest quality and excellent design. In this collection Authentico has become synonymous with comfort and convenience. Many are afraid of natural […]



10. March 2017

KARE amethysts of the past and present in the new interior pets. Soft velvet, dark wood and bright metal parts made of brass and copper. Turquoise, purple, yellow and muted orange create a warm and cozy interior. Bright, juicy, fresh – everything we love!



11. February 2016

Back in 1981 in Munich, opened a small shop interior KARE. Soon I found out about it the whole town, and after a few years it has grown into one of the best furniture of houses, which sell a variety of findings for creative interiors. At KARE today – a global brand and global network […]



11. February 2016

Get introduced to our range is very simple! Save our catalogs to your hard drive and do not be tied to the Internet. Discuss future purchases with your loved ones without leaving the house. The best furniture trends 2016 you are sure to find something that is right for you! New catalog KARE 2016! Hurry […]

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