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Such a nice and soft velour

05. October 2018

Velour armchairs, sofas and chairs, velour Ottomans and even the chandelier…
This lovely, soft and beautiful material beckons everyone!
But how to take care of him, because he is so gentle?
About this we will tell you now!
Immediately it is necessary to stipulate what not to do :
to apply the bleach and chemical cleaning,
use solvents containing neftehimikaty.
use abrasive detergents and hard brushes.
Velour loves tenderness
What you need!
Try not to allow dust to accumulate on the nappy surface, the furniture must be vacuumed with a special soft nozzle for furniture.
If the surface suddenly appeared a treacherous spot, you can display it by using soap suds with the use of special shampoos for furniture.
With love, KARE